Alpha 35: MDK update!

Hi modders :airplane:

I just got a chance to update the MDK with A350-1000, A350-900 and MD11. I think that were the ones we were missing at this point. :slight_smile:

I have also done some minor changes to the airline settings found in the mod.json file. First the businessClass has been re-added to fit with upcoming Alpha 36 contract changes. Its default value is set to 1 meaning it will generate as a 2 star contract (see conversion below).

I also decided to add the two letter country code (US/UK/SE etc). For full list see lookup table in game files (DataFiles/GameData/JSON/CountryData.json). Perhaps someone can make it more readable.

Note! Country code will not have any effect at this point. We haven’t decided how to use yet but I figure since we are already making changes in the json file, why not add it in for later use. We will take a look at this again in beta/post-release.

I think that was it for now and I’m looking forward to see some new mods! :smiley:

MDK Here



  • 0 = 1 star (cheap)
  • 1 = 2 star (small)
  • 2 = 3 star (medium)
  • 3 = 4 star (large)
  • 4 = 5 star (very large/exclusive)

Great to hear @Fredrik. The modding community would be very happy.


awesome! thank you @Fredrik
now i now what i will do next week… updating mods with the new MDKs and adding country codes to all my 200 ± mods :stuck_out_tongue: and convert the new MDKs for Gimp and others for our ACEO Modding Group community


Awesome, thank you so much!


awesome! Thanks for the update and post Fredrick! :slight_smile:


@Fredrik maybe add the Pipers, VisionJet and WT9 too??? please take a look at it :wink:


YEET YES omg yes


THANK YOU devs!!!


This is absolutely amazing! Thank you!
@dawed looking forward to the Gimp versions.

Being in Lockdown and working from home may see a slight dip in productivity workwise this week😁


I had a huge increase in modding productivity over the past 2 months at home. :rofl:


So i have a question on this line.

I live in country x. In my country, the National carrier could be considered “large” or all over the place. In most of the African countries, its very decent. England JFK and Hong Kong see many international flights form it. But there, it would be seen as perhaps medium.

So how does the classification work?

And then the exlusive part, what does that really mean?

So perhaps some clarrification would be great please (unless i missed that post somewhere else :smile:)


Now what this community needs is adding the number of airplanes in the fleet. :slight_smile:


Well, even that will be fun to handle. You go past a US airport and theres tons of Delta planes, but where I live, you get one long haul flight a day, but there is always, or was upto now, a A380 and 747 from BA that landed in the morning and then left later the evening…

Perhaps that’s just getting to technical?


The classification doesn’t necessarily correspond to the size of the airline. You could create a 1 star rated airline with only A380. This is just how we decided to stucture and label the default airlines in the game. It is just easier to see the pattern but as modders you have full freedom. :slight_smile:

The 5 star (exclusive) could also interpreted a an airline which flies private planes or business jets.


I did wonder about the classification system too, but went with what I felt was the right level setting.


Perfect, thank you! I like the private yet one alot, got a few a can pop in there!


If anyone is wondering; back then on ACEOMM, airline classifications were determined by total passenger capacity of airline fleet;

(for each airplane type in fleet) Σ [(number of airplane in fleet) x (average pasenger capacity of one airplane)]

So for example Air Canada Rouge fleet is;

Airline Airplane Number in Fleet
Air Canada Rouge A319-100 22
Air Canada Rouge A320-200 3
Air Canada Rouge A321-200 10
Air Canada Rouge B767-300ER 25

Total passenger capacity: [22 x 124] + [3 x 150] + [10 x 185] + [25 x 210] = 10278. This airline can carry maximum 10278 passengers at the same time. Then we look at classification chart:

Airline size categories
Cheap 0 999
Small 1,000 4,999
Medium 5,000 19,999
Big 20,000 49,999
Exclusive 50,000

Which shows that Air Canada Rouge is in “Medium” category, which is Business Class 2.

Such classification was used to classify airlines effectively. Hifly has few A380s but it is not a big airline. Or some regional airlines have many of airplanes (Canada have many of them) which are mostly Cessna or Piper types which don’t make them large airlines)


Helpful thank you!


Was the “cheap” category always intended to represent airlines at are smaller than “small”?

I interpreted it to refer to budget carriers. Take Ryanair as an example, 440 Boeing 737-800s, each with 189 seats puts then at 83160, and therefore in the “exclusive” category, but I don’t know anyone who’d refer to Ryanair as such.


RyanAir are definitely in my ‘don’t touch with a bargepole’ category from my experiences with them…