Alpha 35 - Perth International Airport, WA


For my next design, I aim to create an airport that has a similar satellite design to Alan Turing Airport, but with half the overall m2 of terminal, whilst achieving more capacity. Inspired by Madrid Barajas Airport Terminal 4/4S, Perth International Airport is a new hub for Western Australia. With 25 medium domestic stands in the core building, and 16 large international stands in the satellite building, the airport overall has 41 gates, with 2 versatile centre runways that both serve both buildings. A work in progress, Perth International mimics design elements and efficiency of Alan Turing Airport, with a new, sunny colour scheme and optimised layout, resulting in a busier, more exciting terminal, and best of all, more playable operation.

A rare sighting of the apron and runways covered in snow!


My Iceland airport uses basically the exact same layout. Runways in the middle, and stands on the outside. However, I do notice one major difference. You always make better airports, it is just a fact! :slight_smile:

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Can the runways actually accommodate that many small planes?

In terms of max daily capacity or? If you’re manually flight planning, the airport can max out at 189 flights per day, so 11 less than the limit for the large ATC tower. By planning flights strategically rather than auto planning all flights, which usually all arrive between 05:00-05:30 and cause chaos, it will be fine.

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@awtkn, What I did to make sure there was no delays is add a medium runway to the bottom right corner. It fits in nicely. I used to do that, but now I have a flight school for Iceland!

Some more photos as construction takes place:

Travelators extend along the Domestic Pier to shorten walking distances. Beige marble and Terrazzo tiling are inspired by Australias sandy beaches. Full passenger segregation is implemented throughout, maximising security.

Passport Control is handled in the satellite building, which hosts the airports international/long-haul flights.

The Check-in hall is entirely automated, with self check-in kiosks and bag drops. Palm trees and bright colours add a sunny vibrancy and adhere to the airports branding and logo.


“Yes, Okay.” Sorry, just on the phone with Qantas. They say they want to fly from Perth International Airport to Iceland Chanroe Airport. Otherwise known as the best airport in the world, to the third best. (Changi is second :slight_smile: )

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The airport colour scheme has been subdued to better complement the overall design. Inspired by Apple’s retail stores, Perth International incorporates tan and beige leathers, with grey to give passengers a calming, premium environment.

The Check-in hall has been refurbished, with new colour palettes, complimenting the airports various palm trees.

The theme is consistent throughout, and the colour swatches were derived from iPhone 5S leather cases.

The departures immigration hall in the Satellite building is complete, and is the first room upon entering the building from the Departures filter on level -2.

Short-term parking is on ground level, with long-term parking underground. Trees and flowerbeds create small meadow spaces.

One different aspect to Alan Turing Airport is the arrivals procedure. Passengers alight from the gate and make their way upstairs to level 2, rather than down to level 0. This is so service vehicle parking can be sheltered beneath the terminal building - similar to my first design, Coventry Airport.


I really hope you don’t have any aircraft taking off or landing, as that could lead to a crash and kill everyone onboard. What I mean is, are you going to add de icing?


Very early testing of Perth International, to see how passengers move throughout the terminal, and how aircraft use basic taxiways.

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Oh gosh, a Q400 next to a 777 (I think) Much fluctuation in passenger numbers.

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A Q400 from Perth to Jamaica - gotta love Airport CEO

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Lol. Here’s google maps time from Australia to Jamaica:

The A380 can carry 500 odd passengers but my elevators carry 600

… Is this CASA approved?

Wouldn’t you mean the CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority)??? (Australia’s FAA)

Yeah, mistake on my part.

We are not in America, it’s like 15,000km from Perth to Los Angeles.

Sorry @Scottie. Well, the more you know. :slight_smile:

Thats okay @Blackout