[Already Implemented] Can there be a huge bird update

this is NOT THE SAME as big bird… well it sort of is but I would like to see well huge aircraft (doesn’t have to be now maybe after no panic) I mean by huge aircraft in boeing 747’s and a380 (now we don’t know if these are in the big bird update yet as they may be and this post will be use less) but if they aren’t in that update it would be nice to see the two most iconic airplanes in the world in airport ceo

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I want the Concorde.


Well… :wink::open_mouth: … den som väntar på något gott… :slight_smile:


Olof has actually said about the 747 and 380 previously that they are both planned.

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As for big bird, not sure where he’d fit in…


concord will be nice

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He will fit in the large bird nest in the large tree next to my large runway.


He looks big, hope he fits actually fit in the tree…

Ya we have not gotten 747 or A380 In big bird update

Coming later possibly when alpha 33 is stable enough to support these big boys.:wink::wink::wink:

I don’t think we can expect them anytime soon. Sure, they’ll come eventually. They have been ‘somewhat’ confirmed. But not in the near future.

I belive all of you. Yes, a380 and 747 are in the game.