[Already Implemented] Papers Please! Manual & Automated Passport/ID/Boarding Pass booth

Hi all,

Anno 2017 one does not simply enter or exit a secure area of a modern (bigger) airport without having their boarding pass or passport either checked manually or automatically.

I present, the manual (left) and automated (right) booths.

This could be used as:

  • enter secure area
  • exit secure area

to check on:

  • passport/ID
  • boarding pass


  • 1 or 2 security employees check boarding pass and or passport


  • scan the boarding pass or passport automatically

What do you guys think?
There are some pros and cons.
One of the cons will definitely be that it slows down the passenger flow :frowning:


Please keep in mind that this is fan art to explain the idea!
This is not ingame!


It will slow down the flow but it is realistic, that’s how it is in airport, especially with international flights


I heard that Apoapsis Studios was looking for a modeler for incoming updates :wink:


I think it’s totally realistic, we have this where I work.

It creates big queues but this adds realism to the game.

Note: in my head I would also see “Queues” being separated from the Booths.
Just like with Baggage, I would like to create Queues separately and connect it to 1 or multiple booths.
This way I don’t have to create 432 queues, but rather have for example 4 queues that link up to 8 booths.


Haha I’m sure they’ll find someone.

And in all honesty, I like the art they use at the moment, I assume they made it themselves.
So they are definitely on the right track!

My models dont contain any textures, but with a bit of work I think I can get close to their artwork so you won’t see too much difference, but that’s something for when they will launch mod support :slight_smile:

For now: I don’t have any experience with 2D stuff and/or Unity, so no idea how they artwork is created or implemented.


Mate, this artwork is really good! Do you do this for a living?

Surely if they needed someone and you could assimilate your style a bit more you could be involved (if you want of course)? :slight_smile: Just a thought…

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Great idea, but I think the passport check should be optional. If you in Europ for example fly from The Netherlands to Italy, passports don’t need to be checked. And sometimes the check is only be done in the country of arrival.

What if you are a Russian who is in a flight from The Netherlands to Italy?

Definitely, tho up to the developers :slight_smile:
As for NL to Italy, you’ll still have to show your boarding pass (for example at Eindhoven Airport you show your ticket on the automated machine before you get to the security check).

In case of the manual one, you could have that for international flights.

I don’t know… :slight_smile: Never been there…

But for the Schengen Area I know that a passport check isn’t needed:

I guess it’s the same if you fly from California to Nevada? Or from Engand to Schotland?


I do Customer Service at a big 3D printing service company.
On the side I 3D design trains (And print them).

All this artwork is done at work, some quick 5 to 10min breaks can get you a lot :wink:

This for example was done in 10/15min, you can keep something as beautiful and detailed as you want (i just make these out of small cubes without looking at real life examples).
Really depends on how much time you want to invest.


Also not. Cause after you embarking (maybe in the Netherlands) to the EU-Schengen area, from that point, when you travel in the Schengen area you don’t need your passport.

This is absolutely wonderful. Should be in game sooner or later.
Devs, please mark both the idea and the person that came up with that idea, as he may well be a very skilled addition to your team!


Awesome designs! Nice job!


Haha thanks, I appreciate the kind comment.
I’m sure the dev team has it all covered just fine.

One thing I did notice during the design of all these parts:
The current vanilla stuff will look weird if you design them in 3D to be exactly the same as what you see in game.

A quick example is this coke vending machine.
Which one do you like better in the left corner view.
And which one looks better in the bottom right view.

To make it look good in a 2D game, the top one looks boring but realistic, the bottom one looks better but unrealistic in 3D.

Edit: also note how the rest of the bar doesn’t look amazing but fine(ish) in 2D.


Love the idea. I’m not to worried about the queues. Pastport control is often the fasted part of an airport, especialy automated ones. Altough I think the automated ones would need another layer of procurement before they can be unlocked.

(nice artwork)

Cool! :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:
Hopefully the developers see this as well (not sure if they have time to check the idea section) :wink: