[Already Implemented] Papers Please! Manual & Automated Passport/ID/Boarding Pass booth

omfg yes

You still need to show a boarding pass to enter, even in domestic/Schengen. The automated machine makes sense in such circumstances. Most airports have them. For international, passport control still requires human presence.

When I get back from work in NYC and land at Schiphol (Amsterdam, NL) I just have to shove my passport in the automated machine, it’ll check all details and the gates open.

Tho there is a security officer sitting behind the automated gates to check the data as well I guess.

I presume much of the models you use are pre made by you, like a long time back. Because I don’t see any way anyone can do that in 15 min. I can’t make simple model in Photoshop in 15min! :joy:

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Wow I wish I had these kind of facilities at my workplace


Haha nope, not at all.
As mentioned before, I usually design 3D trains :wink: so I do have experience with 3D design, the models I made as fan art are kinda simple.

I might take some more time soon and actually look at real world references (instead of thinking how it looked like from the times I’ve seen them at the airport) to get some proper models.

Anyway, a month ago I made this during a lunch break (maybe 2 lunch breaks).
Do you remember which game?


Airline Tycoon :heart_eyes:

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Haha, YES :smiley:

So, I just did another model, started working on it at 11:11AM and finished at 11:34AM

I used a real world example this time:

And created the following model.
Keep in mind that no textures are added, a base model is great, but with textures and shiny green and red lights it will look really sweet.


Notice how the lighting can make a difference as well:


Ok, last one before I stop with these booths :slight_smile:


Dude, @Olof @Fredrik this guy could be very useful in further developing the art. He’s got some incredible talent that I’m very jealous of!

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The devs are very responsive I’m sure they’ll take notice in due time


I just want to say your artwork is amazing

You have some great skills! Do you work as a 3D artist or?


Thanks! Always a pleasure to hear, goes bothways as I love the artwork you guys use too :wink:
While you’re here, do you use 2D sprites on ACEO or are those actual 3D models in Unity rendered as 2D?

I work for a 3D printing service and do some 3D design on the side
(google SpoorObjecten and you’ll find my 3D designed trains for 3D printing)

Keep up the good work Fredrik, having lots of fun with ACEO so far and can’t wait to see what the future brings!

ps. if you guys use a 3D file for ACEO, I’ll be happy to send it over for free so you can see if its easy to implement :wink:

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I don’t think they use 3D models, since it may require slightly more optimization (tho its top side, but It shud have an effect on performance, if they use 3d)

I think game uses 3D models since there are shadows in it. Am I wrong?

Shadows can be drawn in. And if all is 3d they could have made it a full 3d game

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And if all is 3d they could have made it a full 3d game

Please don’t. This game is amazing because it is 2D, not 3D.

Shadows can be done on 2d sprites… even in MS paint… they must be using some Unity feature (I remember there is one) :stuck_out_tongue:

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