Amtrak Mod

Hello everyone! I am in the process of making an Amtrak livery for ACEO. Here is what I have so far:

I plan on doing every plane in the game and updating it when new ones are released. It will be released on Steam once I finish!

EDIT: I am making this because no one has yet. If there is interest, I can do airlines for other train operators.

EDIT 2: I am picking which phase (I-VI/IVB) to use by the year the aircraft first flew/entered service.

Here is another pic:

Can they have a regional fleet with something tied to Greyhound?

What do you mean?


Which program do you use to create the liveries? I miss a bit the shadow layers on the planes which make look everything more realistic.

by the way, check my message on Discord.

I don’t know how to do shadows. I use Paint 3D

Ya, shadows are annoying, I mean look at my first airline, it was terrible! Voids mods

Something like Amtrak is the main airline, and then you could have “Greyhound” (the real-life regional bus service to areas where there are no train - partners with Amtrak) serve as the airline’s regional feeder? They greyhound buses are usually mostly dark blue (if I can recall). Just a suggestion, thinking it would be a cool tie-in to their overall ops.

Maybe. Amtrak actually has its own bus line (Amtrak Thruway Motorcoach) so maybe I’ll do that and Greyhound although I do have a long list of stuff I’m going to do.