Any chance of expanding the soundtrack?

I wonder whether there could be new songs for the game if the DLC sales numbers meet expectances?! I mean the current sound artists did a great work and in that case we could have a chance to support them a bit more while adding some variety into our gameplay music-wise. They nailed it with the existing sound before and I would be eager to hear more of them.

So…taking a chance with an ACEO Soundtrack 2 DLC?
I know, there are several outsides still craving for more playable content but as the sound artists work a bit more self-dependent and won’t need much coding this is a nice thing to develop en passant. I do not think this will take much time from the devs besides adding the new songs to the existing and of course do quality control on the goods delivered. Just same style, more songs.

I like this idea however at the moment there is no DLC for sale.

You can buy the Official Soundtrack already - this is what I meant - it is downloadable content as well isn’t it? It is included in the Business Class version and can be bought for about 2,50€. Has something changed in that regard?

My proposal would add more music to both the game and into our libraries for use elsewhere.

Yeah my bad I forgot about the soundtrack and was just thinking about the supersonic dlc. I guess it isn’t really dlc in the normal sense though as if they release it on iTunes you could go and buy it on there. It doesn’t add anything to the game, it just allows you to listen to the soundtrack out of the game.

I know. I have bought this as a gesture of “thank you” and would like to support the sound studio that made the soundtrack. I do not know whether they get a share of the DLC releases or have been paid a flat sum for their work, but if enough people buy it this would be an incentive for making more music working together with that soundstudio (Sinephony).