Anybody has updated mod fo fleet packs (AU and EU)

Hello guys,
I am using these two mods in my AIrport EO game:
Australian Brands/Business Pack by Zaydan and Real European Airlines by Dubinek but those mods were not updated in Steam workshop for quite some time.

Anybody has some simmilar or update of those mods with the new Big Birds update so t he Airlines are using the big planes too ?
Thank you in in advance.

Well given a lot of the planes for AU were done by myself, I am in the process of updating them. He was also why I stopped sharing my liveries.

We are working too on updates of our mods and also to do some airlines new, as example Swiss is in planing

Northern Europe Pack includes Big Bird’s now;
Norwegian 787-8, 787-9
SAS A330-300 (x3), A340-300 (x2)
Finnair A330-300, A340-300
Thomas Cook Scandinavia (Sunclass Airlines) A330-300

My South Korea Pack has also been updated with big birds, but as i could tell that wasn’t an area of interest for you

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