Anyone Willing To Check My Airport?

Hi All

So after advice from no-fun regarding performance issues/lagging being caused by some zoning issues (mostly having too many and hedges causing even more) I re-zoned it all, found some rouge tiles left behind from my old terminal and generally cleaned it up.

I haven’t been able to asess if its made any difference, as now I appear to have passengers loitering at my international departure gates - some of which should be arriving passenegers.

The more I look, the more I can’t see why and get super frustrated. Can any of you kind folk take a look and pass on your views of a fix, along with any efficiences you may see?

I get errors of many flights running late (assume its time for another runway?) but any advice gratefully recieved.

I also have concerns as to why so many people are still standing by bus, taxi and car stops and not going home too…advice?

Thank you guys and gals…

On a side note, on simple graphics setting its crippling my Omen 17, i7-10750 with GTX 2070 graphics card running from my SSD drive…

Due to security reasons I do not load random saves so I cannot check this one but have you tried taking a thorough look at the flight process panel? It usually provides some insight into what the issue might be in terms of bottle necking.

Definitely a good idea, but I can also look into it because I don’t have security :rofl:

Found a major issue: you seem to have to segregated international zones. I see that it is on purpose, but add at least one door for staff. I see that you have one for people leaving the airport, and one for arriving, but as I said earlier I would connect them. Also, for the size of the airport you need more subways! If in an emergency to remove the passengers waiting at the transit options, close them all and force them to use subway. The cars and busses just can’t come fast enough.

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Thanks for giving it a try. Was giving up hope.

Do you mean adding a door between my corridors for staff? Have you seen an issue of staff not being able to get to area?

And more subways? Crikey…

The main issue I am having is arriving pax, are somehow finding their way back up to the departure level. and then cant get back down for for a path to passport control. The only way I can see to fix this, is by building an escalator between departure and arrival levels, meaning every man and his dog are wandering around my satelitte willy nilly…

Seems the easiest way is to just have everyone mingle airside, arriving and deprting pax, and let them find their own way to gates/passport control and not try to force them with walls and corridors.

Unless I’m missing something from the way segregation is managed in ACEO?

Ok, I can look into it! Nice airport by the way

Thank you…

Could you put the airport on the steam workshop. I’d really like to see the whole thing, it looks really cool.

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I’ll give it a go…

Just wondering if you’ve already uploaded it. If you have can you let me know what you named it on the steam workshop? :blush:

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