Apoapsis Studios welcomes a new "team member"!


Hugo, what a wonderful name! Great choice! All the best wishes to your family. :heart_eyes:


Congrats Fredrik! Wonderful news!
All the best and enjoy the family time!


Thanks guys for your kind congratulations! :heart_eyes:


congratulations Fredrik!


For a second, I thought that this was about Alexander or Rubble, but then I clicked on it. Anyway, congratulations on becoming a father!


Congratulations Fredrik :+1::baby:t2:




Woa, amazingly good looking Hugo that is! The good genes must come from his dad! :smiley: Congratulations to you all over there!


That sir is simply awesome!! Congratulations. Kids make the world better.


Congratulations :heart: . Give him a few days to settle into planet earth, and then time to learn code to help development :stuck_out_tongue:


Congratulations! So looking forward to meet him!!! :heart: :smiley:


congratulations man!


Congratulations​:tada::tada:, take as mush time as you need as you deserve it :beers: :champagne:


Congratulations! He seems like a healthy baby :slight_smile:


Congratulations! @Fredrik


Gotta train him up to become a ceo :stuck_out_tongue:


well done :3




Alles Gute Hugo! :hugs:
All the best for you Hugo :four_leaf_clover:


Congrats Freddy! Ah, sorry to say, he’s got your wife’s good lucks lol :slight_smile: j/k Hope you didn’t ask for the manual like I did for my first. Bet everyone has been asking ok, when’s #2 coming :slight_smile: