Are there hidden gems in your STEAM library?


I was bored, browsing through my STEAM game library, but unfortunately wasn’t in a mood to play a game. So I came up with the idea for this topic. And in lack of a proper category other than off-topic (what isn’t shown in latest topics :hushed:) I will use this one. Afterall, it’s somehow about STEAM

What games do you play while waiting for the next major ACEO update?

I mean, next to well known titles like XCOM or Anno that everybody heard of.
Here is a list of a few quite inexpensive indie games available on STEAM I recently had lots of fun playing:
(This is NOT for the devs! You guys keep developing… :wink:)

1. Prison Architect

Developer: Introversion Software
Genre: Simulation, Strategy, Tycoon
Price: 24.99€

Game Description: Prison Archtect is a Tycoon Game where the player builds and manages a prison. Just like ACEO you place walls, zone rooms, place furniture and equipment, hire staff and all this. The game is funny, but also complex and challenging (and can be overwhelming, this is not a casual game). You have to build lots of stuff to keep your inmates happy or at least to keep them at bay: canteens, showers, visitor areas, parole rooms, workshops, class rooms, common rooms, yards, shops, guard towers, the list goes on. Staff management is another labour-intensive part of the game: assign guards to rooms, regulate the times they are supposed to be present, create tours for your guards and much more…

Short Trailer: (2 minutes)
The trailer doesn’t show the building part, but hey, for a trailer it’s a great piece of artwork.:rofl:

2. Renowned Explorers: International Society

Developer: Abbey Games
Genre: Adventure, turn-based Strategy, Roguelike
Price: 19.99€

Game Description: In this Roguelike Adventure Game the player controls three wannabe Indiana Jones’ through a series of expeditions in an attempt to become the world’s most renowned explorers. I actually tend to be no big fan of the roguelike genre, but there are exceptions. Like this little gem of an indie game. All parts of the game are well designed and balanced, the humor is hilarious and the comic-style graphics look really good. While on an expedition you choose what path your explorers shall take next, much like with FTL, while collecting research points, money, fame and the precious treasures. Percentage based skill tests decide many outcomes, presented as a nice wheel of fate. From time to time “battles” must be “fought”. The reason for the quotation marks is that “fighting” doesn’t neccesarily contain violence, you can also choose a friendly path (by hugging or blowing kisses) or insult/provoke your opponents (fling the gauntlet, for example). A non-violent approach is possibly advised to get better results (you don’t want a goddess of war to turn violent, do you). In between the expeditions you can spend your research, gold and fame to unlock bonuses, buy trinkets for your explorers and hire an entourage.

Short Trailer: (2 minutes)

3. Mount & Blade Warband

Developer: Tale Worlds Entertainment
Genre: Action, RPG
Price: 19.99€

Game Description: How do I describe Mount & Blade Warband? It’s like a first person Total War experience… no wait, it’s medieval Second Life… no, no, no, it’s a 4X Grand-Strategy game… now I got it, it’s an Action-RPG… well, hell, it’s a GREAT GAME, that’s what it is! At first it looks like an ordinary first/third person RPG, but beware: there is no storytelling in this game :open_mouth:. You make your own story: swear fidelity to a king, hire some peasants and mercenaries, train an army, make friends and enemies, find heroes that follow you, get married, conquer castles and cities, break your oath of allegiance, establish your own empire and become a king/queen yourself. All of this in first/third person view (with an exception for travelling on the world map). Due to the lack of a story, this game isn’t for everyone, but if you fall in love with it (like I did) hundreds of hours of fun await you.

Short Trailer: (2 minutes)

4. Domina

Developer: DolphinBarn
Genre: Action, Simulation, Strategy
Price: 8.99€

Game Description: In Domina you play… well, a domina. No, not what you’re thinking of. A domina of ancient rome who manages a ludus… what’s a ludus you ask? That is a Gladiator School. Buy slaves, train them to be gladiators, keep the legate and the magistrate happy, expand your ludus and FIGHT! You can actually control gladiators in the arena (if you want to), making this also an action game. The pixel art is unique and full of detail, the fights are fast-paced and brutal, the music is outstanding for an indie game and fits the setting surprisingly well. Be advised, this game’s pixel bloodshed beggars all description…

Short Trailer: (1 minute)

5. Thea: The Awakening

Developer: MuHa Games
Genre: RPG, Strategy
Price: 19.99€

Game Description: This is no ordinary RPG, nor is it a real strategy game. It makes use of genres like Survival Games with crafting and resource management; and RPG’s with character development (computer-controlled, not levelled by the player), base building and storytelling. You can solve encounters not only by fighting, but also by using the social or tactical abilities of your characters. No matter how you decide to proceed, conflicts are always solved by a card game. While confusing in the beginning, once understood the card game is a welcome diversion to classic turn-based combat.
The world of Thea is awakening from a long period of darkness and the player controls a small group of survivors in their struggle to return their god’s power (and, of course, to survive in this unforgiving world). Despite the fact that there are orcs and elves in this fantasy world, the Lore of this game, inspired by slavic mythology, feels somehow unique. Many events are read by a voice over artist (at least when playing english version), and the lore compelled me to keep playing. There are flaws in the game design, especially the huge amount of micro-management neccesary and the lack of overview of your characters abilities/attributes, but if you can ignore these downsides you are awarded with a unique gaming experience.

Short Trailer: (2minutes)

I’m tired, although I got more little indie gems to share with you. If you want me to expand this list, leave a like… or tell us of your own little gems below.

Oh, I have a last special one for you (this one is NOT meant serious)::rofl:
Last but not least the MOTHER OF ALL GAMES: Mother Simulator by Steppe Hare Studio - A game which cannot be described in words, check out the YouTube video:
12 minutes of insanity, Mother Simulator (How hard can it be):

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  1. Rimworld 30€ 97%positive
    2d Colony sim where you can do lot’s of evil things or play the Game seriously

  2. Deponia(recently Free) 30 € 89%Positive
    Cool Point and Click adventure with the best Atmosphere, Enviroment, Characters and Artstyle (IMO)

  3. Kingom new Lands 15€ 87% positive

    Very Relaxing

  4. Mincraft (with mods) well known but who cares


Rimworld has swallowed more hours of my life than any game not called Civilization or Pirates.

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Civilization and Pirates did the same to me. :nerd_face:


I play production line while waiting

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Never heard of that before…
Well, that’s what the topic is about. :smile:
The screenshots on STEAM look amazing, seems to be a rather complicated tycoon, I like that. It’s on my wishlist now, maybe I’ll check it out (at the latest when on sale). Thx Orrin.


YOU KIDDING!!! It stupid hard!

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