Assign Airlines to Terminal

I’m not sure if there’s such request but I only saw ‘assign airline to stand’


Airlines can be assigned to one or more terminal(s) so that they’re restricted to operate in the assigned terminal(s), or at least prioritize the terminal(s).
An add on is maybe change the current mechanism of “assign a stand/lounge to an airline” to “allowed airlines for the stand/lounge”.

Why it should be implemented:

Realism… after all. It is common that one airline company operates in a terminal. The airport looks more organized when planes from the same airlines/alliance are staying together.
Another thing is I’m trying to build a separate terminal for regional express but there’s noway to do so yet. It is so weird to see an ATR parking next to an A380 but it’s happening in my airport.

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Nope. Just very common. Maybe this can be a very first step to alliances.

“Assign airlines to a terminal” or “assign terminals to an airline”. Not sure but it seem to be a question about implementation.

You can already do this by assigning airlines to stands that are in the terminal zone you want. In this way, the flight scheduler will only allow those airline flights to be placed on that stand. If you have stands assigned as “any airlines”, then they’ll also use those. So my suggestion would be to keep those stands restricted to GA flights until you’re ready to use them for commercial flights so you’re at least generating something off those stands.

The thing is, given the current mechanism, flights are not prioritized for that stand and it’s still possible that flights are assigned to other stands.

Thats already added, you just click on the desk and press asign airline. Hope that helps!

hmmm I didn’t see it. Which desk do you mean?

Well, in the flight planner you can turn on auto planner for that one stand and also assign one airline to that stand so you can do that with each stand in that terminal. I think that is what he means.

He means the Stand. Click on the Stand

It strikes me the core of the problem is the auto planners propensity to grab the most timely available stand, which means that when you assign a stand to an airline, it will often grab an any airline stand for a flight, rather than prioritising it sown stands until there is no space left. In addition depending on where you locate your airport that variability of the split between domestic and international flights can mess things up further.
I’m still trying to get my head around this mythical South Atlantic destination of Amritsar that seems to take hosts of brits on half my large flights to what must be a fifth home nation :slight_smile:

This is a good idea, it could add an element of realism. E.g. At Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 is primarily used by British Airways.

As I said, you can assign one specific airline to each gate. It’s a little more hassle but it will have the same affect. Maybe you’ll have to do 10 medium gates or whatever but it’s pretty much the same.

What I would like to see is being able to make a “check-in” zone room thing and be able to assign that area with your check-in desks to one specific or maybe multiple airlines. That would really be the cherry on top for me.

You can create a terminal with several stands, and assign all of the stands at that terminal to only one airline. That will give you a specific airline terminal @jaaaaaaaamesl

The problem in the default contract is the limit of max 50 scheduled flights. This won’t fill all slots of an entire terminal.
You would have to split/multiply BA into several contracts to get enough offered flights.

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Add to that the ever shifting balance between domestic and international if you are running in realistic mode

I don’t know why this post is still being discussed, but it seems some people still don’t get my point.

I definitely know how to assign all stands to one or a few airlines in a terminal.

However, the point I’m making here is that, unless I assign all stands to certain airlines, flights are still getting assigned to the stands without an assigned airline. As a result of this mechanism, the airline exclusive terminal/area is meaningless. What will be there are just empty stands while other stands are busy AF.

The way of assigning an airline to all stands may work, somehow. But given the situation that I have a dozen of airlines operating, and the airlines’ satisfaction is not as stable, and the international/domestic flights are not as stable. It’s extremely infeasible to assign all stands with an airline.

And please don’t forget there is still another point I’m making: the alliances. It’s not an urgent feature to add just to improve efficiency and realism stuff. But given the fact that airlines share their lounges with their alliance members and they don’t need to build a lounge at every airport they operate, I still don’t think in the game we have to build lounges for every airlines at all.