Assign employees to certain zones [implemented]

Update from Apoapsis Studios

This feature request has now been implemented!

While this feature is now completed, future improvements and functionality may still be added over time.

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I am specifically thinking about Janitors, Service Technicians, Airport staff etc.

As an example I have 4 janitors and would like to assign them to specific areas of an airport to cut down on travel time.

For Airport staff, I would love to be able to assign a certain number to a terminal area for departures. With my current airport setup its taking along time for airport staff to walk to departures. I have been able to cut that down with employee only security and staff only doors.


Also, try staff rooms closed to the gates / stands.

Make sure the room only can be used by airport staff and or ramp guys.
When they take their break (or waiting for next flight). The would like to go a place to sit down by finding a staff room. If all staff rooms are outside secure area, they would go outside until next flight.

I have 2 terminals, 12 medium gates, 8 security gates
… and my staff travels 100 miles between duty/work zones. despite I have proper staff zones in near locations.


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That’s a real life simulation game! Personnel is going to the furthest rest room to “waste some time during work” :slight_smile: Same with service and fuel trucks. They would have gone to the busiest car/bus park if they could.

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I agree, walking time for staffs to a working spot takes to long.

Assigning staff to a working area and staff room can cut this down and/or airport staff should start walking before boarding or checking starts. Same with ramp agents, baggage truck, fuel. These should be there waiting at plane stand when plane is parking.

At least your staff goto rest places… - My staff tend to hand around exit points…
I built a brand new janitors room and brand new airport staff room, but they are not being used at all… - Janitors hang around in a group moaning about getting a job and not being able to go to it until several jobs later they actually decide to go do one.

how can you make different terminals? For me, the passengers run from the check-in at the nearby security check over to run in the wrong terminal and then not able to board :wink: I would like to have separate terminals - with the only staff doors I have fewer problems. but there too - if you could give the staff work areas that would be nicer.

imho, this is very primary problem of game, especially if you expanded your airport with another terminal.
below image, this is my terminal B screenshot, very far distance away from termimnal A.
I have same security gates and security staff room at terminal A.
possibly, “these” security points waits for security staff from far away staff room. but there is “close” staff room, nearby. but they don’t come to job !

I insist of this subject.
every time I expand my airport with additional terminal, I got problems with employees come from fartest room, and problems with domino effects.

please develop employees-> certain rooms -> certain zones
@Olof @Fredrik


We hear you but this is not something we can do just in a few hours. It requires some new logic and we have many other more pressing tasks at this time. :confused:


ok, you’re right with your arguments.
but as airport expands, this situation makes lots of problems.
delays because of lacking employees -> because of distance between staff rooms.
one of my security employee walks for nearly 3 hours for his duty point, whereas there is a adjacent security room.


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Eventually it has to change. No one would want such an airport that staff walk kilometers to its next task.

On top of all of this the speed that people walk compared to is slow. I feel as though simply changing the speed pax and employees walk at or a change in time progression could easily solve this issue in the short term, and make travel times much more realistic. It is a similar story with planes taxiing and service vehicles. Visually they move at a realistic speed, but factor in time compression and they’re actually moving at a snails pace.


I completely disagree. What we need is a better AI, optimized pathfinind, etc.

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@yanniskass I don’t disagree with that. We do desperately need better AI and path-finding, and I look forward to the day that happens. The issue is it takes a good amount of time to code good AI and efficient path-finding can also difficult. My suggestion is meant to be a quick and more or less immediate fix while we wait for the more permanent fix (what you are saying) to be done up properly.


I really would like some adaptaitions from the Rollercoaster Tycoon series. You could assign janitors to certain areas and even tell them what task they should do and which not. Same for mechanics and attractions. I would not mind having them do stuff on their own but when clicking on a certain worker you could assign the preferred resting room, workplace and so on. Or do it from the stands menu maybe and assign a certain shift and let there be a shift roster where you can put people into so like lets say have ramp agent X and Y be allocated to stand 1 shift 1. True, this is lots of micromanagement when your airport grows but OTOH this is where you have a HR Manager for. This guy could automatize the shifts. Also, why not have employees getting ill from times to times missing their shifts or let them only work on certain days…Who works for 7 days a week every day? 14 days apiece then 1 week of rest or sth. like that…

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Talked about exactly this a while ago on the Discord. We really need this for the staff mentioned above, it will get rid of a janitor walked all the way from departing to check in to clean a floor :slight_smile:

This will be an excellent feature - will limit the flight delays to a large extend