ATC Tower Upgrade



I cant see these specifics mentioned anywhere but if they are then dont vote for this feature, the tower currently exists but its only condition is that you must have one, however the purpose of the tower is for the controller to see the runway, therefore it would be more realistic if each size tower had a maximum coverage area and each tower could only service the runways within that radius. It is unrealistic to thing that on a full size map that the controller can see all the runways from a single tower, the radius should also be cut off by any building that get in the way as the controller cannot see through them to the runway, especially after multiple floors are implemented.

Why it should be implemented:

More thought would have to be put into the tower placement and it would give it more purpose than just ‘must have one’.


Thank u for the idea but a international airport doesn’t have like 5 ATC towers would be silly but a ATC tower is very high up to see every single runway and other things outside the airport but a radiuos of the way they can be effective would provide a better placement idea