Auction for adding planes to the game

Feature request title:

Auction for adding planes to the game.


Players want to see different planes in the game and are willing to pay extra for this. It is only necessary to organize the possibility of choosing an aircraft, a payment service for it, and the one for which a specific amount has been contributed, or the maximum has been made for a certain period, will be created and added to the game.

This is not buying a plane in the game. This is buying an airplane to add to the game.

Why it should be implemented:

Some players have a preference for the types of aircraft arriving at their airports.

Or you could wait patiently and simply suggest a item, and if a bunch of players suggest it, they may move it up on their airplane priority. They are already deploying on average a plane every three months. And they usually do it in batches of two. The average is only approximate, I don’t have the time to check all the topics for new planes.