Auto Planning fails

Hi guys,

somehow, if auto planning is enabled, it fails to plan all available flights. Presently, only half of the amout of possible flights gets scheduled. Does anyone know how I can get rid of that problem?

Thanks for your help,

regards Peter

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Make almost every stand assigned to an airline! They also really like it (Their satisfaction grows)

The airline satisfaction is at 100%, flights are available to become scheduled, the auto planner simply won´t do it.

Edit: Just realized that the auto planner only schedules flights for Tulip Airlines, not for any other airline… any ideas on that?

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Anyone has an idea? That problem is super annoying… :roll_eyes:


I’ve had a similar problem, where the auto planner doesn’t plan any large flights, even tho they are available for manual selection.

Interesting… I noticed that auto planner doesn’t plan my small flights.
It happened right after I installed airline mods so I need to figure out if they’re the culprit.

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Mine include modded and native airlines not working…