Auto queue


I think that it would be a useful and time saving feature to have the ability to automatically drag out switch-back queues at check in and security. It would be like dragging out a secure area or room, but instead a queue.

Why should it be implemented

At the moment it takes a lot of time to drag out every row of queue for each hour desk for a simple switch-back and let’s face it, it’s not the most interesting thing to do in the airport.

There should still be the option to draw the queue like it is now for those who want irregular queue patterns.


i believe its was seen on early screenshots/videos which showed load queues so i sure that was idea to put pre ready queues in


I have to take this one step further, and imagine what it would be like, if we as the ceo just set a limit to how far out the cue is allowed to go out. Then the Airport staff would set up the most efficient cue (depending on how many passengers) and move those poles around and connecting them with the belt rope hehe. :smiley: