Auto-scheduler re-work


Instead of having the auto-scheduler work like we have it today, i propose we have another system in place. There should be a slot object that you can plop onto the flight planner, where you can choose what airline you want in it. These slots will stay forever, until removed by the player. Whenever an airline company gives you a flight, and there is a slot available, it should fill into that slot automatically

Gate slots - auto-scheduler

You mean for example you place it on Monday and every Monday at a gate there is a scheduled flight?


Not only that but also specific airlines which seem to think is an amazing idea


It should be layered in 2 object settings;

Base slot

Airliner setting in base slot.

Then you can make a base planning, and an advanced planning.


I would really like the base slots. I’d like to be able to force the flights to be staggered, but not have to schedule flights by hand either. In other words, I’d like to say that Gate 1 has flights at 10,2, and 6 and Gate 2 has flights at 12, 4, and 8. With more gates I’d have them run more closely together, but not landing or departing at the same time; maybe like 10 at gate 1, 10:15 at gate 2, 10:30 at gate 3, etc. I’ve made this happen manually before and it makes the airport run well, but it gets really tiring to do that manually despite being simple.

The airline assignment could be an interesting requirement of contracts.


Hmm, this is kinda related, I wrote this about 4 weeks ago, could you take a look? This would help to set if the whole terminal works at set hours.