AutoHiring (or, outsource all ground handling work)

Many an airport CEO would have encountered the frustration of having to manage their hundreds of employees manually, or when ramping up airport operations quickly, find that they’re limited by having only 5 applicants for each type of job.

Thus, I would like to propose… AutoHiring!

AutoHiring puts your HR director to actual use by giving him/her some real work to do. With AutoHiring, your HR director now has much more agency when it comes to the human resources of your airport.

He/she should be able to work in 3 modes:

  • Hire to Demand

HR will accept new non-board employees until there is a percentage surplus of employees to jobs. Airports don’t grow themselves, you know?

  • Hire to Amount

HR will only hire as many non-board employees of each type as you want. Watch the purse!

  • Hire Infinitely

HR will just hire all non-board employees that apply. Your local council thanks you in advance for the job creation.

For “Hire to Demand” and “Hire to Amount”, you should be able to define thresholds separately for each type of worker. That way, you could need 200 ramp agents but only 50 technicians, and so you won’t end up with 200 technicians, and have nothing to do for the other 150.

Ingame, it can be explained as your HR director getting an outsourced ground handling company to do all the dirty work, while the airport itself just sits back and relaxes.


Good ideas! Maybe collaborate with @jasperwillem’s feature request and combine the ideas to a full feature stack.


Agreed so many applicants have such low and bad stats too.

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This is a good idea

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Agreed or allow airlines to service their own flights. If airlines service their own flights make a requirement where they would need there own staff room.

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would be a great idea indeed!!!

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GIMME GIMME, i really want this too, LIKE ALOT
because I’m building a big airport with tons of security, so I need this.