Automation vs. Manned

Once you’ve researched automation, can you get away with an entirely automated setup, or do you still need at least 1 manned version of each desk.

Eg can you have a gate with only automated boarding desks and passport check with only automated passport booths?

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Yes you can. Once you set up automation you won’t need regular check in desks and regular boarding desks.

However I personally see it as something wrong and should be fixed in future because none of airports around World have 100% automation.


Yes, my airport runs automatically, the only manned thing is the security check.
Check in and boarding is all done using the automated system :smiley:

(saves me some money + having so many check ins and boardings per flight speeds up stuff a lot!)


Don’t trust the robots. It’s a Skynet conspiracy.
**puts tinfoil hat on


Do you work on the basis of 1 bag drop per 75 passengers, or does it require more?

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It would be helpful if the auto bag drops actually worked. I have 6 set up, and after the first wave when all six were used, now there is only one active at any one time, which seems to have three flights allocated to it, and a queue of increasingly-frustrated PAX waiting to drop their bags. The others have no flight allocated, and the PSAs are opening up the manual check in/bag drops again…


Yep, that happens to me too, which makes me think that it may run smoother having no manual check-in desks at all

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Bag drop logic is a bit confusing.

A bag drop can handle 4 flights at the same time. Means that if it would be 75 as well, 4x75 pax could run on one drop at the same time.
@Olof Is the calculation for the bag drops the same?

If yes, I would suggest some little tweaks:
Small Check in Desk: 35 pax
Medium Check in Desk: 75pax
Baggage Drop: 20 pax per assigned flight (4 x 20 = a max capacity of 80 pax)

That would either require to add more bag drops or build a backup of normal Check in desks. Causing a bit more realistic check in as some passenger will be forced to use the manned check in.

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I work on the basis of gut feeling: how many baggage drops and check in can i fit in this part of my airport = the number :smiley:

more is always better, but i don’t actually do some kind of math magic to see if it’s enough tbh


Maybe an official brief about the calculations as a rough guide would be a great help to us CEOs?

Doesn’t need to be too detailed just the rough number of each facility (e.g. check-in desk or security area) required per 2-3 or however many flights :slight_smile:

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I tried just changing my manned desks 1:1 to automated check-in desks. Unfortunately, in its current state, I just don’t see it working. Basically, if I have two or three bag drops (and multiple self check in kiosks), my flights still end up all using the same bag drop and abandoning the other, so a crowd forms around the only in-use bag drop (also doesn’t help that you can’t build a queue for those).

There are actually similar issues for things that are built in multiple–for example, one flight may be assigned multiple check in desks, but they’re not necessarily the ones next to each other; sometimes all my flights crowd into the same baggage claim area, and leave the other one empty; my passengers seem to all like to use the same bus stop (that has very infrequent service), rather than the multiple other bus stops (with queues of buses, but no passengers!)… etc. But I guess things can’t be perfect!

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I get the same - this is the sort of thing that should be sorted out in Beta.

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It feels weird, normally the game has build in quirks for this kind of extremes.

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