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Swiftline to begin operations soon!

We would like to order 8 Fokker 100, 1 Fokker F100NG

Fly out from Lyon to Lviv just for 12 euros! :heart_eyes:
Fly in style. Fly swiftline



Newcomer Envision Airlines is planned to start as a coast-to-coast within the United States and a “long haul carrier”.

Planned Fleet - 10 CS300 aircraft.
Planned Fleet-Map - 2 Aircraft per route:

JFK-LHR one flight a day - LHR-JFK one flight a day - WITH 2 AIRCRAFT
HSV-SFO three flights a day - SFO-HSV three flights a day - WITH 2 AIRCRAFT
LAS-JFK two flights a day - JFK-LAS two flights a day - WITH 2 AIRCRAFT
HSV-LAS two flights a day - LAS-HSV two flights a day - WITH 2 AIRCRAFT
JFK-SFO three flights a day - SFO-JFK three flights a day - WITH 2 AIRCRAFT

Current Branding Plans:

(old picture from an old airline design contest)

Envision would like you to do just that, ENVISION a new way to fly. Livery still in planning stages, but Envision would encourage you to catch the curves on their new logo!

Currently awaiting 10 CS300 aircraft on file.


We are sorry, but the classic series F100 is no longer in production. You can only source them our second-hand. In that case, we can provide atleast technical support. We can only deliver you the one F100NG, if you still want it.


Dutchways is interested in buying 2 CV20-2 aircrafts from @PigScroll . The registrations are:
200 seats in 2-class configuration
These aircrafts will fly the routes: RTM-DXB, and RTM-KEF.

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Dutchways opens new routes:


@Earl_of_Arland here, from StarJet Airways! As you might know, we are a premium ‘7-Star’ airline offering the best-in-class VVIP cabin services (with spacious 30* pitch seats, avaible in private or family configuration, special meal cooked by MasterChef champion, and smooth ride by our pilots with many other specialties) in our new and advanced Fokker 130NG! We flies from our hub in London City Airport to many popular destinations like canals of Amsterdam, the light-city of Paris, Brandenburg Gate of Berlin, and the Colosseum of Rome!

While our ‘first’ flight went pretty badly (read here for further information), our first successful flight were a success (read here), with one passenger saying “Very remarkable and has a nice ring of premium feeling to it”.

Currently, we have a fleet of 4 Fokker 130NG (G-REAU, G-REAV, G-REAW, G-REAX) with further 6 still processed by Fokker. Routes serviced by our airline were currently limited to:


Dutchways is interested in a partnership with Starjet Airways for a codeshare flight from London City to Rotterdam. If the CEO of that airline also likes this idea, let me know.

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Yantar Express received another two Superjet 100-95 LR (RA-79090, RA-79091) and Boeing 737-800 (VQ-BBV). Boeing will be painted in the city of Mineralnye Vody and will start work soon.
The airline opens flights from Moscow Domodedovo Airport to:
Amsterdam (x1 flight a day)
Berlin-Tegel (x1 flight a day)
Dusseldorf (x1 flight a day)
London-Gatwick (x2 flight a day)


We were also interested in a codeshare flight from LCY to RTM with Dutchways, due to our limited fleet and sizeable demand to Rotterdam. But considering codesharing may conflict with each airline’s customer due to our significantly different services and may be further complicated by the already very congested traffic in London City Airport itself, we would like to reconsider. However, we were open to further negotiations with Dutchways for this codesharing.

For Fokker, we would like further news on our ordered 5 (+1) F130NG and their current progress. Also, we will order further 15 Fokker 130NGs (with the same config of course) if the current order were to be completed and proven satisfying in our end.

Ronald Harvey V.
CEO of StarJet Airways


PH-DXA and PH-DXB will be dispatched from MME imminently. Thanks for your order!


We would like to order 4 CV20-1 (G-BOAC, G-BOAD, G-BOAE, G-BOAF) from Cheviot Aerospace with custom 160 seating (30* pitch and leather-skinned) for our projected expansion to long-haul routes. Also, will these particular model able to fly non-stop from London to Chicago with 10% heavier than the max. tonnage of that model?


Unfortunately, the CV20 is too large for LCY. Were you planning on flying it out of LCY, or did you have another airport in mind?
LHR - ORD should be no problem, given the large runways and the CV20s high performance. Do you still wish to continue with your order?


Sure we want F100NG :smiley:


Since the order of 10 CS300 still hasn’t been processed, Envision would like to inquire about the CV-20-1. What is the seating pattern and layout?


Economy 3+3, 35 rows at 29" pitch for max capacity at 210.
Premium Economy 2+2.
Business 2+1/1+2 alternating.

These are the standard layouts, however the carrier can customise the seat and layout as fits their airline.


Swiftline begins operations once aircraft delivered! :smiley:

First route Lyon > Lviv


At this time Envision announces that they are dropping the order for 10 of Bombardier’s CS300 in exchange for 10 CV-20-1. Envision does however inquire about the possibility of an alternate being made, and being referred to as the CV-10-1. This proposed configuration offered by Envision would cut the main cabin down to 25 rows instead of 35. If not however, Envision is fully ready to accept the full size aircraft.


:slight_smile: lol


Introducing the CV10!
The CV10-2, the larger variant. Diagram made possible by https://www.norebbo.com/ !


Capacity: 150 (All Economy, 3+3), 120 (Two Class)
Cabin Width: 3.2m
Length: 32m
Wingspan: 36m
Cruise Speed: 560mph (901km/h)
Range: 3500nmi
Ceiling: 42000ft
Engines x2: Pratt & Whitney PW1000 series
Door Layout (One Side): 1 x Large Door, 1 x Overwing Exit, 1 x Large Door


Capacity: 174 (All Economy, 3+3), 145 (Two Class)
Cabin Width: 3.2m
Length: 37m
Wingspan: 36m
Cruise Speed: 560mph (901km/h)
Range: 3000nmi
Ceiling: 42000ft
Engines x2: Pratt & Whitney PW1000 series
Door Layout (One Side): 1 x Large Door, 1 x Overwing Exit, 1 x Large Door


Your order of 5 (+1) is ready to be taken over.