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Thank you very much for your order. Which variant/s do you wish to order?

Manufacturing, fitting and dispatch will take place at our new CV10 manufacturing line at MME. We hope to deliver the first aircraft soon!


We will order:
5X -2
5X -1


5 of each? May you confirm for how many aircraft your order is?


Oops. It was meant to be:
15X -2
15X -1


We were currently funding LCY runway expansion to 2,750 metres, new parallel taxiway and much larger terminal. As of right now, the construction progress is already around 35%. We hope this lengthening is enough for our requested model. If not, we will move our Long-Haul operation to Stansted.

More question regarding the Cheviot CV20-1, can this aircraft handle 4.5°approach? And moreso, how quiet were this plane compared to competitors like Fokker 130NG?


2750m is certainly enough for the CV20, even with a slightly higher tonnage.

A software modification is required for the 4.5 degree approach, but this can easily be incorporated.

In terms of noise, Cheviot Aerospace has no information on the Fokker 130NG’s noise levels, but the CV20 has noise levels comparable to a Boeing 787.


Maybe 2 F100NGs, 1 F70NG. As we’re not in good financial sphere.


First plane reg : F-FKKR


It is rumored that Yantar Express plans to acquire medium-haul aircraft. Airlines need aircraft with 200-250 seats and 280-350 seats. It is known that there is a choice between the Boeing 737-900ER and Airbus A321 (200-250 seats) and the Boeing 787-8 and Airbus А350-800 (900) (280-350 seats). It is known that the company considered the possibility of buying the CV20, but it turned out to be less profitable than its main competitors. The Fokker 130NG does not have the right amount of seats.


Did you forget mine? Lol…



We are more than happier to announce our first route expansion! With 5 (+1) newer Fokker 130NGs, StarJet Airways has opened 5 new routes and continued 1 closed route:

  • LCY-RTM (operated by G-REAY)
  • LCY-FRA (operated by G-REAZ)
  • LCY-KEF (operarated by G-REBA)
  • LCY-DUB (operated by G-REBB)
  • LCY-ATH (operated by G-REBC
  • LCY-MMA (operated by G-REAT (using the crashed plane registration)

The new Fokkers in our fleet were proven satisfactory, and as promised we’d like to order 15 more F130NG with the same configuration.

We were also aiming to expand our services across the Atlantic, with 4 CV20-1 from Cheviot currently being processed, for routes originating from LCY to JFK, ORD, FLL and YYZ

The Registration of the ordered aircrafts

G-REBD to G-REBR for the Fokkers
G-BOAC to G-BOAF for the Cheviots


Dutchways has made a plan for the possible codeshare with Starjet Airways.
1 Flight per week will be operated by us, and 1 flight per week will be operated by them.


StarJet Airways is now ready to began operation for the codeshare flight from RTM to LCY with Dutchways. We also offering our maintenance and terminal facilities in LCY for use by them.


Your order is ready for delivery, F70NG will be F-FKKR, 2 F100NG will be F-FKKS and F-FKKT.


Your whole order of 6 (5+1) F130NG was dispatched. Your new order of 15 F130NGs was given a -15% discount on each plane. Since it is quite a large order, you can choose how many of them per month do you want to receive, and you can cancel some, if your financial situation gets worse, without any penalty.


:stuck_out_tongue:Hmmm We might order F130NG ! Yeah we doing order of 10 Fokkers F130NGs


Swiftline fleet :

Fokker F100 (Original one)

Fokker F100NG - 2 (1 Delivered)

Fokker F70NG - 1 - Deliveries start soon

Fokker F130NG - 10 Awaiting delivery

Destinations :








A350-900 (1)

A330-900 (1)

A320NEOs (2)


Your order of 10 F130NGs has been accepted, you were given a -10% discount on each plane. You can also choose how many of them do you want per month and you can also cancel without any penalties. Please state the registrations they should be given.


2 or 3 aircraft per month will suffice according to our financial situation.


We would like to get some information from Cheviot Aerospace about our ordered aircraft.