Aviation Roleplay 2.0


Dutchways orders 15 Fokker 130 NG’s.
Registrations continue from the most recent bought Folder 130NG.


We confirm your order for 15 F130NGs and give you our loyal customer discount of -15% off of each plane. You can choose how many planes do you want to receive per month and cancel or downsize your order without any penalties.


We would like around 2 to 3 planes per month. We thank alot for the discount.


StarJet Airways would like to know about the progress of our 4 ordered CV20-1 from Cheviot Aerospace.

We also like to discuss with Fokker about a new jet model for mid-to-long haul twinjet capable of seating around 230-275 people.


Dutchways opens new routes to:


StarJet Airways opened another 5 routes, mostly focusing on exotic snowy paradise.



At the moment there are no plans for a plane of this capacity. We lack sufficient manufacturing capacity and the competition from Airbus, Boeing, Cheviot and other companies is too large for us to enter the market.


We may resell/give you Lviv landing rights/slots for cheap if you want operate there :wink: As we might die soon.


In case Swiftline Ceases operations, we will buy their Landing rights to Lviv.


STATEMENT : We’re restarting operations soon, retiring all planes, and canceling all orders, and order 6 F100NG. :wink: We transport landing rights in Lviv to Dutchways… As we won’t operate there for a while, good luck on opening Rotterdam > Lviv or Amsterdam > Lviv!


We’ve been funded by Swiss bank, first route Lyon > Zurich.


Since you already own 1x F70NG and 2x F100NGs, we would recommend you to not retire them. As we have said before, there are no penalties for cancelling, or changing an order. Please reconsider your order for 6 additional F100NGs. If you still want to keep the order, plese state the given registrations.


Okay, we’re keeping 1 F70NG, and 2F100NG, but other we retire. F70 stuck in Lviv Airport and now under registration: UR-FOB. F100NG - F-FKKR, F-F2KR.:grimacing:


I would like to welcome the newest airline manufacture to the market

UK made

As our name suggests we are UK made, from our base at Birmingham International Airport, we have world leading facilities and the best engineers in the field.

Our first aircraft the UKM550 is ready for our airline partners to purchase.

Some specs for you all
Single Aisle
221 seats in its highest density configuration 3-3
Max range of 6,200km
Cruising speed of 585mph
Price tag - £52,000,000

images from www.norebbo.com

The order book is open.

We are currently developing our next aircraft so watch this space!


UK made is pleased to announced the arrival of our next new model.

Single Aisle
130 seats in its highest density configuration 2-2
Max range of 4,500km
Cruising speed of 541mph
Price tag - £35,000,000

images from www.norebbo.com

We have been busy building and have rented a field north of the airport to store our stock, so we have both our models ready to go, we just need to take the plastic off the windows and a lick of paint and its all yours!

We are also offering our airline partners a trade in scheme, please contact one of our sales team to discuss your fleet needs, and the unbeatable price we can give you to swap out your fleet to UKM!

If that was not enough to tempt you, we have also built a start of the art training facility, so we can convert your crew to our aircraft.


Dutchways likes to order 5 UKM450 Aircrafts. Full economy.
Registrations coming soon.


Excellent choice!

We will get these in the paint shop and i’m sure they will be the pride of the Dutchways fleet.

Please advise the registrations and we will sort the paper work out.

As our launch customer you will receive 25% from list price and 20% from list on all future orders.

Along with complimentary pens for your office staff!


The registrations of the aircrafts are:
A picture of our new livery will follow tomorrow.


Denver & Western Airways forms. They will be flying out of Denver Int. as their hub.

They would like to place an order for 5 Cheviot Aerospace CV10-2 in the 1 class configuration with registrations


Envision’s following 4 aircraft have arrived, N002EV, N003EV, N004EV, and N005EV.

Envision however, would sadly like to announce though that the CV-10-1 listed as N004EV slammed down a bit too hard on landing at home. The aircraft apparently made a bit of a hard landing, current updates are not known except that only the crew was on board, and it was not a fatal accident. We will be reaching out to Cheviot for help with this investigation.