Aviation Roleplay 2.0

Hey guys! As much as I’m loving this, I would just like to ask to keep fatal accidents at a lower frequency. Would make things a little more realistic. Runway overruns, hard landings, etc are still fine. Thanks!


New Airline!

jetRouge is a Canadian regional airline flying only C-Series aircraft with their main hub at Toronto Billy Bishop (YTZ).

5x CS100s


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Envision spoke with the pilots and question regarding the crash of N004EV. They recall some kind of controlling error right before touching down, and mentioned some kind of force too. We’re still waiting for Cheviot to see if they’ve found any errors in software or discrepancies in the black box. HSV is checking weather statuses at the time of the incident too.

Cheviot Aerospace, Denver & Western would like to know if there are plans for a cargo version of any of your planes.

The StarJet Airways seemingly unlimited money (proven by the expansion of LCY and 20 acquisition of 90 mil aircrafts in short amount of time), two unrealistically deadly crashes in 2 weeks and subsequent demise has sparked many conspiracy theories. These ‘tin foil thinkers’ accused StarJet Inc. in engaging ‘wizardly’ and ‘unwordly’ magic, 9/11 and Bush related bullshit. We assure you that StarJet has nothing to do with these assumption, and recommended you to not listen to this thing.

Unfortunately one of our aircrafts suffered a Runway excursion while landing at Zurich Airport today. All passengers are safe, but the aircraft is slightly damaged. It has been towed to the hangar for repair. Cause still unknown.

New Airline - Lonsdal Air

Lonsdal Air is Norwegian Airline. Lonsdal main hub is at Bødo airport (BOO).
3x DHC-8 Dash 8 (old model name)
2x Airbus A220
Airbus A220:

DHC-8 Dash 8:

Rutes (Every Route have 2 flights in day, in morning then back and, at evening and back):

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A new aircraft manufacturer has commenced production! I am proud to announce Vektorflugzeuge!

Located in of Stuttgart, Vektorflugzeuge (Vector Aircraft) has purchased the land to the southeast of the Airport and founded a sizable operation. They focus on all sizes of planes and have many planned releases. We offer our aircraft to the private market first, and after two years of our new Vektormodell A-100 on the GA market, we have decided to enter the commercial market. My next post will detail the A-100.

Vektormodell A-100


  • Designed for quick turnaround times, can turn around in 35 min
  • Specially designed overhead compartments with easer access
  • Not a shoddy as Fokker’s aircraft, safety is in mind here
  • Been in GA service for two years now, only one minor accident has occurred


  • Capacity, 125 all economy, or 118, 8 first, 110 economy
  • Length: 100 ft, or 30.5 m
  • Wingspan: 92 ft or 28 m
  • Cabin width: 12ft or 3.7 m
  • Cruise speed: 446 kn or 826 km/h
  • Max altitude: 37,500 ft or 11,430 m
  • Range: 2,734 mi or 4,400 km
  • Min runway 6,200 ft or 1890 m

Price: 90mil$ (discounts for German airlines, airlines that fly to Stuttgart, and bulk buyers.)
Seat config: 2_2 first class, and 2_3 economy

Vektormodell A-100

Credit to https://www.norebbo.com for the image.

After the last report from the airline, Envision is currently awaiting a response from Cheviot for their black box findings.

Hey, what if I made a discord server for this? I would give our current leaders admin control, and it would be a lot more organized. I’m kind of busy so it might take me a day or two, but it would also open this up to new people. What do you guy’s think?

  • yes
  • no

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OK, it’s started. I’m not forcing it, we can stay on the forum, and this can be a different thing. I’ll post a link when its finished, and you guy’s can check it out. I have it set up to where there are general chats, and a submissions area when airlines and companies are submitted. then once you’r airline or manufacturer is approved by the mods, you can assess the airline and companies chats. I’m open to suggestions, and I think it’s looking good. The same rules here will apply, but it will be a lot more organised, with different chats for news, announcements, orders, and everything else. But I am open to suggestions, and I can make different sections for things if need be.


ok, good

If it’s not done, I can help set up. It shouldn’t take that long to get it ready.

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Ok, Finished. https://discord.gg/vPwAxQm

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Did this for sure completely move to the discord?

From what i see, mostly yes

We have reached 25 members!

We might need to close this topic up.

As nobody replied that it needs to stay open, I’ll close the topic