Aviation Roleplay (Yes Again...)

Ok, so hello all. Again I come back to the forum advertising my (and @B737MAXISPENG ) servers. Much has changed, and we now have 3 separate servers. Our community has expanded, and we have many interesting creations. We have cargo and passenger airlines and manufacturers. Each one will be listed with a link, description, and example airline livery.

  1. Fictional Airlines Roleplay (run by @B737MAXISPENG )
    This is just as it sounds, a server for fictional airlines. We don’t have any manufactures yet, but we have IRL ones. one IRL week is one year in the server, and as the server is pretty new, so it’s in 2020.
  2. Aviation Roleplay 2.0 (run by myself)
    Set in 1991, where 2 weeks IRL is a year. We have a bit of alternate history, but this one especially, with a truely changing and evolving history. We have many airlines and can be much more creative in a different age.
  3. Aviation Roleplayyy (run by @B737MAXISPENG )
    This server is for IRL airlines roleplay. We have every airline that is currently functioning available to take over (except the ones that already are) including airports, and if you want, a manufacture.
    Example Airline: (Betcha never heard of this one)image
    Come join our community today!

I am so sorry, our community evolves faster than even I can keep up with lol. Here is a link to the current server, with a fictional Europe server on the way with fictional everything on the way! https://discord.gg/tg89nUS

Link died, (sorry for the inconvenience) If this one dies as well, we are on Disboard.

We are looking for new members, as two of our most active people had a dispute and both left. We aren’t just doing airlines, we have airports and manufactures. We are working to focus more on rp than strait data, and welcome all!

GGs @CaptainCat

Invite invalid, new one: https://discord.gg/CrwebYg

I really don’t know why these links keep dieing. https://discord.gg/bGAbqEw

You need to set the link to not expire.

I have, it just keeps dying, I think it has to do with the forum.

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I’m sorry, but we are a bit different from this forum, as we have standards.

Uhg the invite… Just DM me if you want in please