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Orange Airlines would like to order 5 F130NG from fokker


A Dutch airline is the launch costomer for a Dutch plane, beautiful. 5 F130NG coming to you.


Orange Airlines is proud to announce their first route: ams-lhr ! this will be flown 5 times per day with a F130NG


GAA [Global Aviation Authority] Report: 12/05/2018


Orange Airlines [Run by @Guusje2]

  • Amsterdam Schiphol Airport [AMS] <-> London Heathrow [LHR] = Approved


Be advised that the first spot check will be shortly. Airlines and aircraft manufacturers alike are advised to have their records ready and prepared for inspection.

Signed: redstonedesigner, GAA Director


Cebus Air will have 1 of their CV20-1’s undergo maintenance due to a ground accident with a Jetblue A320. It will re-enter service shortly.


Cebus Air new logo:


Northern Airways (VL/VLL, Callsign VALLEY), supported by Cheviot Aerospace (25% stake) and Etihad Group (15% Stake), is planning to launch across two bases at first: NCL (Newcastle-upon-Tyne) and MME (Tees Valley).

We would like to order 5 Fokker NG Aircraft: 2 x 70NG and 3 x 100NG, if that would be possible. :slight_smile:
Cheviot Aerospace is providing one of the original test aircraft for the CV20, a -1 variant with the registration G-CVBB, as a medium range plane to start operations.


Congratulations on becoming a lauch costomer for F70NG and F100NG variants. Your new planes will join your fleet shortly.


Subject to GAA approval these will be British International’s routes-

LGW-JFK (New York)
LGW-DME (Moscow)
LGW-HND (Tokyo)
LGW-DXB-SYD (Dubai then Sydney)
LGW-JNB (Johannesburg)
LGW-PEK (Beijing)
LGW-GRU (Sao-Paulo)
LGW-YVR (Vancouver)

LGW-EDI (Edinburgh)
LGW-CDG (Paris)
LGW-LIS (Lisbon)
LGW-MUC (Paris)
LGW-VIE (Vienna)
LGW-FCO (Rome)
LGW-MAD (Madrid)
LGW-GVA (Geneva)


If approved by the GAA, Northern Airways would like to launch the following routes:

Fokker 70NG (MME Based)

MME - DUB (Dublin)---------- Daily
MME - LHR (Heathrow)------ 3 Daily
MME - LGW (Gatwick)------- 2 Daily
MME - BHD (Belfast City)— Daily
MME - BCN (Barcelona)----- 3 Weekly
MME - TFS (Tenerife)-------- 4 Weekly

Fokker 100NG (NCL Based)

NCL - LHR (Heathrow)------- 2 Daily
NCL - LGW (Gatwick)-------- 2 Daily
NCL - BCN (Barcelona)----- Daily
NCL - FRA (Frankfurt)------- Daily
NCL - CPH (Copenhagen)-- 3 Weekly
NCL - ARN (Stockholm)----- 2 Weekly
NCL - OSL (Oslo)------------- 2 Weekly
NCL - FCO (Rome)----------- 3 Weekly
NCL - MAD (Madrid)--------- 2 Weekly
NCL - LIS (Lisbon)----------- 2 Weekly
NCL - VIE (Vienna)---------- 2 Weekly
NCL - ZRH (Zurich)---------- 2 Weekly
NCL - GVA (Geneva)-------- 2 Weekly
NCL - KEF (Keflavik) ------- 3 Weekly

CV20-1 (EDI Based)

NCL - JFK (New York)--------- Weekly
EDI - JFK (New York)---------- 2 Weekly
EDI - DME (Moscow)---------- Weekly
EDI - OAK (Oakand)----------- Weekly
EDI - FLL (Fort Lauderdale)-- Weekly
EDI - HND (Tokyo Haneda)-- Weekly

We would also like to acquire another one or two CV20s; Cheviot Aerospace is currently considering a deal for another two ex-test airframes. This would be to increase frequency on our long haul network.


Orange airlines routes pending approval:

  • AMS-CDG 4 times daily F130NG

  • AMS-IST 2 times daily F130NG

  • AMS-MAD 3 times daily F130NG

  • AMS-LGW 3 times daily F130NG


GAA [Global Aviation Authority] Report: 13/05/2018


Orange Airlines (Run by @Guusje2)
Running from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS)
  • Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport [CDG] = Approved
  • Istanbul Atatürk Airport [IST] = Approved
  • Madrid Barajas International [MAD] = Approved
  • London Gatwick [LGW] = Approved
Northern Airways (Run by @PigScroll)
Running from Durham Tees Valley Airport (MME)
  • DUB [Dublin] = Approved
  • LHR [Heathrow] = Approved
  • LGW [Gatwick] = Approved
  • BHD [Belfast City] = Approved
  • BCN [Barcelona] = Approved
  • TFS [Tenerife] = Approved
Running from Newcastle Airport (NCL)
  • LHR (Heathrow) = Approved
  • LGW (Gatwick) = Approved
  • BCN (Barcelona) = Approved
  • FRA (Frankfurt) = Approved
  • CPH (Copenhagen) = Approved
  • ARN (Stockholm) = Approved
  • OSL (Oslo) = Approved
  • FCO (Rome) = Approved
  • MAD (Madrid) = Approved
  • LIS (Lisbon) = Approved
  • VIE (Vienna) = Approved
  • ZRH (Zurich) = Approved
  • GVA (Geneva) = Approved
  • KEF (Keflavik) = Approved
  • JFK (New York) = Approved
Running from Edinburgh Airport (EDI)

JFK (New York) = Approved
DME (Moscow) = Approved
OAK (Oakand) = Approved
FLL (Fort Lauderdale) = Approved
HND (Tokyo Haneda) = Approved

British International (Run by @FirstOfficerFair)
CV30-3 (Based in LWG (Gatwick))

JFK (New York) = Approved
DME (Moscow) = Approved
HND (Tokyo) = Approved
DXB-SYD (Dubai then Sydney) = Approved
JNB (Johannesburg) = Approved
PEK (Beijing) = Approved
GRU (Sao-Paulo) = Approved
YVR (Vancouver) = Approved

CV20-2 (Based in LGW (Gatwick))

EDI (Edinburgh) = Approved
CDG (Paris) = Approved
LIS (Lisbon) = Approved
MUC (Paris) = Approved
VIE (Vienna) = Approved
FCO (Rome) = Approved
MAD (Madrid) = Approved
GVA (Geneva) = Approved


Spot checks will be commencing starting from tomorrow’s report. Have your papers ready for inspection.

Signed: redstonedesigner, GAA Director

@PigScroll @FirstOfficerFair @Guusje2


Out of pure interest, what papers should be ready for inspection and does spot check mean ?


The papers that should be ready for inspection:


  • Profit/Loss reports
  • HR reports
  • Passenger numbers
  • Routes and amount of times flown with aircraft details
  • Fleet numbers
  • Accident information

Airplane Manufacturers:

  • Profit/Loss reports
  • HR reports
  • Order reports
  • Current specifications of aircraft in production

Spot check means that you will not know it will be coming. You will be mentioned in my report and you will have to send me the documents within 48 hours. Failure to do so may result in fines/operational penalties.

Signed: redstonedesigner, GAA Director


Atlantica Airways has been established, and pending GAA approval, would like to start operating flights out of Philadelphia International Airport (KPHL). We would like to order 6 Boeing 737-800s and 2 C510-7s.


@davethebanana The GAA must have all route information and you must possess the necessary aircraft to operate the route(s) before making an approval request.


Sure! Your order has been delivered!


The C500 is ceasing production, due to lack of orders.


All aircraft have been delivered and we are requesting the following…

PHL to ORD operated by 3 737-800s (Will reduce to 1 737-800 as of 5/14)
PHL to LGA operated by 3 737-800s (Will reduce to 1 737-800 as of 5/14)
PHL to DFW operated by 1 C510-7 (Will switch to 2 737-800s as of 5/14)
PHL to MCO operated by 1 C510-7 (Will switch to 2 737-800s as of 5/14)
PHL to LHR operated by 1 C510-7 (Commences 5/14)
PHL to FRA operated by 1 C510-7 (Commences 5/14)

Note C510-7s are initially being operated domestically for training purposes


Cebus Air is requesting to open a new hub in LHR within the next few weeks