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The aircraft that landed before the Fokker that overran the runway at Rotterdam has been inspected. And the airline that owns that plane, BrianAir has been sued. meanwhile we are returning our Fokker 130NG’s into service.


Spring-summer flight schedule airline Yantar Express:
From Moscow-Domodedovo airport to:
Saint Petersburg (x5 flight a day)
Novosibirsk (x2 flight a day)
Yekaterinburg (x2 flight a day)
Nizhny Novgorod (x1 flight a day)
Samara (x2 flight a day)
Omsk (x1 flight a day)
Kazan (x1 flight a day)
Chelyabinsk (x1 flight a day)
Rostov-on-Don (x2 flight a day)
Ufa (x2 flight a day)
Volgograd (x1 flight a day)
Perm (x1 flight a day)
Krasnoyarsk (x1 flight a day)
Voronezh (x1 flight a day)
Saratov (x1 flight a day)
Krasnodar (x1 flight a day)
Ulyanovsk (x1 flight a day)
Yaroslavl (x1 flight a day)
Irkutsk (x1 flight a day)
Tyumen (x1 flight a day)
Makhachkala (x1 flight a day)
Astrakhan (x1 flight a day)
Lipetsk (x1 flight a day)
Kaliningrad (x1 flight a day)
Bryansk (x1 flight a day)
Stavropol (x1 flight a day)
Belgorod (x1 flight a day)
Arkhangelsk (x1 flight a day)
Sochi (x2 flight a day)
Vladikavkaz (x1 flight a day)
Murmansk (x1 flight a day)
Surgut (x1 flight a day)
Saransk (x1 flight a day)
Syktyvkar (x1 flight a day)

Yantar Express is waiting for receipt Sukhoi Superjet 100 (x6) and Boeing 737-800 (x4).
After receipt of the new aircraft in the airline is scheduled to launch international flights


The landing, photographed by our lovely fans!

StarJet Airways were happy to announce that our ‘first’ official flight, StarJet ST098 (operated by G-REAV) from London City has arrived safely in Amsterdam Schipol! The flight were, as one passenger said, ‘Very remarkable and has a nice ring of premium feeling’. We hope that this flight is a first step for our airline bright future.

Aviation Roleplay 2.0

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Everyone that is still interested i this and still participating, would you like a separate thread to declutter? This would make sure that everyone that doesn’t want to participate doesn’t have to, airlines and manufacturers alike and would make things more organized.

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If the majority is yes, please copy and paste your current information for either airlines or manufactures into the new thread.
I will head the GAA until I select a suitable candidate, and i will also expand on the rules if we make a new thread. If you wish to apply for the GAA please, PM me.


At this time Envision is pleased to announce their start-up with their 10 planned CS300s.
(if I recall, I can start with a fleet)

We’d like to announce the FIRST TWO official flights of Envision on 3-31-2019
The FIRST launched from LHR to JFK at 10:00 LHR time with a safe landing in JFK at 13:00.
The SECOND launched - JFK to LHR at 11:00 JFK time with a safe landing in LHR at 23:00.

The other routes will start within the next few days.

(NOT a 100% representation, but pretty close)
Envision is sad to announce that one of their jets were ferrying to SFO, and slammed the runway a bit harder than planned. At this time it is unknown what caused this as the aircraft is a new series and new style. Investigation by the airline is still underway. The plane has since been lifted and towed to a hangar in SFO to inspect. The aircraft in question was one of the two to fly the SFO-HSV legs. Service may be limited.


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