Aviation today - all about air cargo

Hey guys! Let´s discuss about current events in the aviation industry. Cargo is a very important topic nowadays. What challenges do u see on that?

Cargo is becoming more medical focused. Did you hear that Boeing terminated a deal with Embraer? I will post the link to a youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmL03w5Jt4A

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wow, great video, thanks for sharing!

No problem! Just know I did not make it. :slight_smile:

Great video

Handling air cargo is all but an easy duty. In times of Coronavirus, time is crucial… Have you ever wondered, how AI and Telematics can help to improve on-time performance? Honestly, I didn´t before I read this article. What do u think?

Hey guys, apropos cargo… to face the challenges set by the coronavirus, health organizations are developing a series of measures. I just found an interesting article here. What do u think?

It seems that air travel is about restart…but what happens with cargo on the other hand? Which recommendations should operators follow for safety operations? Some interesting Infos here.