Bad weather


Bad weather

I’f this is implemented flights may be cancelled due to bad weather at your airport. Flights may also be diverted to your airport if there is bad weather at a nearby airport. Your airport could also be damaged by bad weather.

This would add more realism to the game


Une idée qui rajouterai du réalisme et également une source de revenu si un avion doit être dérouter sur notre aéroport.


I think they are planning on working on the weather system sometime in the future…

Je pense qu’ils envisagent de travailler sur le système météorologique à l’avenir…


According to the current devblog they are working on the weather system right now, though it has to do with the de-icing, not the things mentioned by Professoralex13.
I am pretty sure delayed, cancelled and re-routed flights will be part of the finished game, because it’s easy to implement such things into it, and they add to the realism and give players something to manage.

Happy Easter fellow CEOs!:egg::rabbit:


Well then one that thing can be blamed on me not the Devs will be if your airport is demolished by a hurricane :grinning:

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