Bad windows


Hi Devs,

Normally I admire your work, but this time you guys didn’t do a great job on the windows… Terribly sorry to say that, but it’s just my humble opinion. Just only glass, without any framing, just slightly thinner than a wall would have been perfect. Or something like this Now it looks like a space station or bunker.
Just trying to help.


Hey! No worries, criticism is always welcome when it’s well meaning and structured. As for the windows, we’ve actually had a very long design process with many iterations on how to best represent windows form a top down perspective. I’m not going to go into the details of it but I think they look great, however, if you have a more concrete example such as an actual render of how you’d like them to be implemented in the game we’re all ears - an image of a window from the side sadly doesn’t help a lot since that’s not at all how it looks in-game (here’s where the difficult part comes in… :wink: ).


Thank you for your honest feedback.
I agree that the windows are not perfect yet.

Would you rather see them like this?
Even now they are not perfectly flat/topdown but you can still see the window a bit.
Going actual straight down would just show you a bit of blue, which I don’t think will look great either


Maybe it looks bad because walls are 1 meter thick?


1 meter thick glass isn’t gonna look pretty either :frowning:


So we need thinner glasses AND thinner walls :blush:


I would like to see thinner walls :slight_smile:


I think changing wall thickness at this point in the development wont be favorable.

Making them half the size would mean even more nodes


check, does not have to be now, it can be a future thing in my opnion. But I would like to see it :slight_smile:


What about if the thinner one was half way between to to edges?


The biggest issue there is the floor beneath it.
In theory you want to make sure that 1 side will show outside and 1 side the inside of your terminal.
But when going halfway, this isn’t really possible.

That would mean you need to add a concrete base (or something) on the asset, which kinda destroys the “see through” effect.


Well, thinner walls is not really possible at this point. We will have to redo the entire grid system which will basically render all saves useless and it will take weeks, if not months. I really don’t see the value in doing that just for a thinner window. :stuck_out_tongue:


then make thicker bullet proof windows :smiley:


Personally I like this kind of window, and also I like the kind which is already ingame.
I think both are appealing and I don’t really understand, why people don’t like them.

Only part of the windows I don’t like that much is the inner corner connecting to the wall. It give’s the impression that the wall gets thicker in this area. I think this inside diagonal line should be horizontal, similar to the outside.


So, you bascially want a basic wall like this?
The reason I didn’t go for a basic version is that it gave me a headache.

In the glasses above, this corner gives you a transition between actual top down down walls

Another option was this:

Long story short, creating windows on 1m thick walls is not easy


Here are some other examples of things we have tested.

Any feedback is always appreciated.
So let us hear your thoughts on windows :slight_smile:


I think this discussion outlines how difficult the process of getting those windows are… and that the most recent version is the best render we have yet! :slight_smile:


Yup definitely!

It’s also great to see feedback, as it allows us to share our thought process in return.
And using the feedback from the people that actually use the assets we can then decide if we want to make any changes or not :slight_smile:


It’s just that I think it’s more realistic. It’s not that I think the actual style has to be replaced. Though it’s not realistic, it’s still appealing … to be honest, yes it’s more appealing than the realistic one. But if you succeed in getting the best of both, that would be great. :wink:

Still I’m fine with the (more diagonal) window ingame and also with the (more vertical) one, I quoted above. I’d like to get both versions ingame to have some variation.

Btw., regarding your last examples: if you may try again once, don’t forget about these small little corners you are using outside in the actual window. These (and other, e.g. frames) little details can make the difference.


The one i liked up page is the best. Thinner glass, 2 support beams going through the glass. Seems to be the best compromise between thinner walls and making a realistic looking window. Maybe we can have several options implemented in game? Game desperately needs more options for decorations and such.