Bad windows


were all these windows also designed by using a 3D model? I’ve been interested in seeing how they look in 3D.



I like this one! This is just perfect!!


that would be absolutely perfect!


@Olof maybe we need a “window” poll? :smiley:


I don’t think thickness of the glass is a problem.
Really like the fact that it’s a slim sheet of glas and you still can see the floor through the glass !

But they lack a little bit of detail. Now it look likes the (concrete) of the walls is making some weird turns on the sides just to fit a window. The fact that that the framing between the glass portions also has a concrete or stucco look makes it look strange and not realistic.

A while ago i tried it myself (in this topic)

Please ignore the shadows :slight_smile:
Maybe the weird looking corners in the wall are not necesary?
Just by giving the mullions another colour it gives a more realistic feeling. In reality a wall in a window always has a frame around it.
Except a fully glazed curtain wall, but that’s a different story…


is this already in the game or u have edited it


alright this is absolutely an amazing design!
Would definitely be super happy to have your design in the game!


It’s not possible to add those shadows ingame, sorry


Maybe I am thinking to simple. Isn’t there shadow for the tower an aircraft and so on? What are the reasons it would not be possible for windows. To make sure this is no blame just interest :slight_smile:


A shadow is possible, but it’s not a real shadow, it’s a black copy of the model that revolves around the model.
So this means the same shadow you see there will be all around the model, even outside, which isn’t great looking :wink:


check thanks


Please insert this design, without shadow, into the game! It’s just perfect!


I really like both of these window designs. They look both clean and neat with a fresh feeling. At the same time, they don’t expand the wall with the mentioned bunker feeling, which is great in some ways. well in my mind.

I like these tow windows because they are both clean with a cosy feeling to them. More of a standard window that blends more with the “roof”, well at least these windows give the feeling that there is a roof there.

I like both of these tow window styles just as much and I can imagine them as from windows or office windows. Might even as indoor windows for a more glamorous indoor experience. These windows defensive comes with more useful areas in pure airport design which is a thing I really enjoy in the game when playing on expert. I do like the current window that is in the game, but more as a window that works the best close the the gates. Otherwise the current in game window feels overpraised or more or less bullet proof. :joy:

With a second though having multiple windows to chose of would be very cool and defective something I personally would vote for.

Oh I’m talking about these tow windows.