Baggage not loading onto plane!

Baggage is being unloaded without a problem, but onloading baggage on to planes is not working. The baggage trucks take it to the plane and I earn money from loading baggage onto the plane, but the status shows the job being completed with 0 baggage loaded on. My airline baggage rating is 0%.

Enough ramp agents?

Could you please take a screenshot of the loading process?

I have this exact issue too, raised as ACEO-23104.


Hello @marsbar

That bug seems odd. Please report it to developers via in game bug report system so they can get the save file and other essential files for this bug.

You can report it in game by clicking ESC key and click on “Report Bug”.

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Thanks so much for the video, I learned quite a few things from it. :smiley:

As for the problem: :no_mouth: :confused: