Baggage Scanner Tier 3 - If unmanned, pause it

Feature request title:

Baggage Scanner Tier 3 - If unmanned, pause it


I think the current baggage screening system is really well modelled. My concern is it can be unreliable to ensure a security officer is available for the tier 3 manned scanner. Shift changes can leave the scanner running unsupervised very briefly. This brief gap can mean dangerous bags are loaded and therefore a penalty for that which can be considerable.

My suggestion is, if the manned scanner is abandoned briefly during shift change, then it simple pauses with a backlog left behind until restarted

Why it should be implemented:

Currently, even with great airport layouts, plenty of staff and a clear route from staff rooms to the baggage screening areas, security officers can still reach the scanner too late to take over from previous colleague. This causes penalties despite the system being designed correctly.

A brief pauses in between shifts/replacement staff, would be much more user friendly and closer to real life. Would an airport in the real world abandon a scanner between shifts? No, they would pause it :slight_smile: The penalties are likely triggering a lot of bug reports as we can’t observe the scanner all the time to know if there was a brief gap between staff coverage.