Baggage scanner


Hi, can anyone tell me where the red baggage scanner supposed to go. I thought it was meant for the baggage bay but it wont go there, it will only go somewhere in the terminal in unsecured areas. That seems odd if your going to blow something up, so any suggestions please.



It will go in secure areas. It is just away to get rid of the baggage deemed suspicious.

Place it in a loop from the rejected bags from the scanners.


This might help as well.


I see in that image that you have the same problem as me, and maybe you haven’t even realized, but the different sorts of specific baggage scanners (organic, guns, drugs, etc) turns into organic (all of them) after loading a save. I sent a bug report about this (ACEO-11765) but I don’t know where I can track this to see if the devs are taking care of it.


I’m aware of that issue and have bug reported it. That’s not actually one of my builds, but one I did find very interesting as I’d not considered doing it like that previous. That image was used from one of the entries on the competition for the default airport build. I just happened to like its configuration. :slight_smile: Thanks to @Seraphin for posting this great layout on the scanners. :slight_smile:

Issues can be tracked here…

and here…


Oh, okay. I can’t find the bug report I sent in there or maybe I’m doing something wrong :woozy_face:


This bug is already fixed since Alpha 30.0-3. :smile: See release notes here:

–> ( ACEO-11712 )

@PCR13 on which version are you?


I know, but just forgot. There’s only so much room in there :heart_eyes:


I’m in the default branch (29.12-11).


That makes sense! This issue is fixed on the experimental branch. You’ll either have to switch over to the experimental branch or wait for the experimental branch to be merged into the default one. :confused:


The merge to default should be happening very soon as well if you don’t want to go EXP.


I’ll wait, it doesn’t bother me that much actually. Thank you for your help.


You’re welcome! Enjoy the game and let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with! :smiley:

PS: Your bug report was probably sent in correctly, but they are only accessible publicly once they are verified by the developers… So that’s presumably why you couldn’t see it via the tracker.


Hi, thanks for that guys. Will give it a go.



Oh my god. I just realized I set mine up wrong! If a package is deemed suspicious on my conveyer belt it automatically is destroyed…ooops so many passengers must hate me XD