Baggage security messages

Hi guys, since today i continiously receive e-mails that dangerous baggage was loaded and I should check my baggage security area and scanners. Any ideas what is going wrong here?

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Does that security guy stand there all the time? He should by at the scanner itself. If he isn’t standing by the scanner he can’t do his job properly.

BTW, you don’t need to put tilt trays where two belts converge. The junction sorts itself out. Tilt trays are for where you want the baggage conveyor to split directions, eg where you have two baggage reclaim belts.

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I would place it in #support

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Simple way to think of it is, tier 1 is first then followed in numeric order. Anything that passes a tier, goes ahead to loaded. Anything that fails, is escalated to the next tier.

Tier 1 Pass = Go to loading
Tier 1 Fail = Escalate it to Tier 2, passing each of the 5 scanners.

Tier 2 Pass = Go to loading (only if passed all five scanners in this tier)
Tier 2 Fail = if any one of the five scanners finds an issue, send it to the manual scanner (human) Tier 3

Tier 3 Pass = Go to loading, a human has concluded it is safe after manual inspection.
Tier 3 Fail = Destroy it, a scanner and a human have both found threats.

This gives me a great security rating and would recommend it :slight_smile: hope this helps


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