Baggage security scanning tutorial (A35)

Hello, here is a quick tutorial about how to correctly scan your baggage (as of Alpha 35), and not get “slapped with fines”. You may not see the need for this tutorial here, but it is often encountered on the Discord.

If you are here to learn how to build the baggage system, there’s a tutorial on Steam:

Here’s the tutorial:

At first, all inputted baggage should go to the tier 1 scanner.

:arrow_up: The tier I scanner.

  • Baggage declared safe should be sent straight to the bay.
  • Baggage found suspicious should be sent to the tier 2 scanners.

Later, the suspicious baggage from tier 1 should be directed to the tier II scanners.

:arrow_up: The little tier II scanners all in a row!

As far as I know, the order of these does not matter, though you should always include all of them.
The process with these is the same as for tier I:

  • Baggage declared safe should be sent straight to the bay.
  • Baggage found suspicious should be sent to the tier 3 scanner

The tier three scanner is special as it’s the last in the process, and it also requires a security agent to man it, so it should be accessible (it doesn’t have to be in a secure zone though!).

:arrow_up: The tier III scanner, its friend the baggage eater, and a security guard, who manages to somehow not slide away on the conveyor, and watch the monitor at the same time. :thinking:

Ditto, except there’s no tier IV scanner, so all suspicious baggage goes to the baggage destroyer… which makes bags magically disappear, maybe it teleports them to a different dimension? Who knows, as long as it makes cool sounds and animations in the process.
Bags that the security officer decided are safe should go to the bay.


Overall, your scanning setup should look like this (most optimal placement):

I generally recommend to place it underground to save space, but do as you wish, some people like to put another tier III scanner after the tier III scanner, but it has not proved to be more reliable.

Here’s a simplified layout:

Thank you, I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Now I’ve just got to hope Alpha 36 doesn’t revise the baggage security system and break this.


I have mine set up exactly like this, and still occasionally get ‘slapped with fines’. Make sure your Security staff can get to the baggage bay from the staff room quickly at shift changeover. A security guy tired after his long shift and a late replacement can cause a lapse of concentration at a critical point…


yup. I will get occasional ones too. but usually not until I up a second set up like that when my airport gets bigger.

why all the sarcasm and calling people idiots in the tutorial? It turns me off and I would not use it at all. Just some feedback. Otherwise it’s pretty decent.

I agree with that statement, also the humor so hilarious

It’s not by me… Yeah, I did notice the guy was like “I don’t trust you with this. You must be explained everything arrogantly.”

I made a quick search for other baggage tutorials, but I don’t think I found anything…

There’s a known bug which can cause this accidental fine issue, incidents are overhauled completely in Alpha 36 and with that we’ll fix the fine issue in the early stages of Alpha 36 testing too.


Will there be any change to the scanning system?

No, not at this point.


now that there is a limit to the number of stands per bay, can we use one scanning center to process multiple bays with tilt trays to route the bags?

Correct. Tilt trays will forward the bags to the correct bay. That was already possible before the newest change.