Belt loader [implemented]

Update from Apoapsis Studios

This feature request has now been implemented!

While this feature is now completed, future improvements and functionality may still be added over time.

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Hi all,

Todays 3D project includes a Belt Loader.

Once you have enough money and your ramp agents are tired of carrying all those bags from the carts.
Consider ordering this Belt Loader from Jettuh&Co and make loading bags onto airplanes more efficient and ramp agent friendly.


These are all honestly fantastic! I’m sure Olof and Fredrik are taking note and I’m sure there will be a way to implement them if you can get the art style a little bit more similar :slight_smile:

Thanks! At the moment I like to keep it with the basic colors, it needs to be a concept, not the final result :smile:

And yes, those thinking “yeah but it’s not as sunny as in miami everwhere in the world”, here have a rain proof version :smiley:


Awesome. Do you sure Fredrik and/or Olof didn’t contact with you? :wink:

Haha nope, only Frederik’s message on the other topic :wink:
Tho I’m sure they are busy with other things

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Keep in mind: this is not real, it’s not ingame. just some 3d models on a 2D picture

A picture of the loading belt in action.
I think my scale might be off (loading belt vs airplane)
Or I should create a smaller loading belt tug as well for 737 sized planes.


Scaling is a little bit off but it still looks great!!

They should hire you. Or you should build your own airport game. Clearly you know how to draw. Though, probably you suck in coding.

Oh my, they actually did

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Amazing skills you´ve got there @Jettuh!

Keep creating this stuff, please!

Next how about ”airport snow removal vehicle” or what ever is it called :wink:

Before that, I think @Jettuh should focus on more “have-possibility-to-be-in-game” models. Such as Cobus and ladder trucks for remote stands.

Maybe a smaller Cobus can be used for small remote aircraft stands:

What a cutie :smiley:

But again I am 100% sure that before working on something serious, Jettuh should contact with developers.

When you need to run an airport, but all you have is $200,some scrap wood and 1 roll of duct tape


Remove white bars so it looks like airport sold these bars to junk dealer for 20 dollars profit :smiley:

Haha that would have been good, but i already deleted the file :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hopefully uld lifters are coming too. But can’t wait for belt loaders!