Best A320 family livery?


What is in your opinion the best A320 (can be neo) livery?

Here is mine, has to be Easyjet

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Airbus A320 family

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You get what I mean.:smiley:


Say no more.

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Love the special tintin livery of Brussels Airlines. SN Rackham :slight_smile:

‘we fly you to the home of tintin’



This is also my favourite! :heart_eyes: I really love this livery.


Yes, I know I put easyjet @JeremyK & @Sennah but Brussels airlines have cracked it.:blush:

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Mine would have to be Peach Aviation’s.

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As @dewitjur just mentioned in another topic:

Brussels Airlines just launched yet another custom livery :smiley: Although Rackham still remains my favourite :stuck_out_tongue:

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