Best Aviation Photos


Hi there! I just want to start a thread showcasing everyone’s best aviation-related photos. I’ll start it off with a few spotting photos I took.



I’m surprised no on has made one sooner! I’ve got some I’ll post later



That British Airways one looks really nice!:+1:


Thank you!


This was a good picture then google photos messed it up, anyway i put a filter on it and it looks better now



I did some digging and found these


I’ve just moved this into ‘Aviation Talk’ but I’m also surprised no one has gotten onto this sooner. I’ll have to go digging :wink:

But to start with my most recent trip… Departing Melbourne:


Departing JFK:

Back home!

And there is plenty more where that came from :wink:


Some photos from 2 trips: Vienna- Split and Split-Vienna, VIE-SPU was on A321 OE-LBE and SPU-VIE was on A321 OE-LBA (special livery). Not really the best quality photos, but still.



Taken on my tablet flying NCL-GNB:


My last holiday in Spain. :airplane:
Departing in rainy Zurich and arriving in sunny Alicante. (February)


Right back in Zurich from Nice! :airplane:

And Nice airport…


Ed Force One at my Airport (Picture taken with mobile Phone).

Super Constellation

Super Constellation Front View


I’ve more, this is the first one I’ve dug out. Thought I’d join this thread.



That’s a nice Super Constellation!


It´s one of the last 2(!) airworthy (flying) Super Constellations worldwide!
The restauration of the model C-121C was sponsored by “Breitling”, it flyes now with the “Super Constellation Flyers Association” and is called “The Breitling Super Constellation”.
It has a Swiss Aircraft registry as HB-RSC, the homeport is Basel in Switzerland.

This wonderful plane visited my airport in 2016 and i took the chance to get some pics, o.c. :smiley:


Rolling Stones (Pic taken with mobile phone)

Silkway Cargo (Pics taken with mobile phone)

Evening impressions on the apron (mobile pics)


got some more…41%20PM04%20PM40%20PM15%20PM



Today I had a guided tour at ZRH. :grinning:


I grabbed this shot during the decent into Jerez de la Frontera. The sun was just in the perfect position to give this shadow.