Best Aviation Photos


Took this out the front window yesterday. Kalitta 747 cargo at FL350.


Some of my best…


Probably the most beautiful lady in the air.


Not the best photo but took me to ARN from JFK a few weeks back


A few of my best from years gone by…


You should have entered one of these into the photo vote comp. They are beautiful.


If I’d known it was on, I would have done! Maybe next time…! Thanks though :smile:



Not the best one’s, but shot them yesterday on flight to our great ACEO developers.
… okay the last part was a joke, but to theire nice country and visit the smallest international airport I have ever seen in Linköping :smiley:



Boeing PT-17 Kaydet


TAAG 777 from a TAAG 777-300ER (Luanda Airport, Angola)

Lufthansa 777 in the new liviry (Luanda Airport, Angola)

AirFrance 777 landing with a 737 waiting for a free runway (Luanda Airport, Angola)

TAAG 777-200ER just finishing off-loading for and truning around to take me home (Luanda Airport, Angola) They do not use any pushback trucks here…

TAAG 737 landing in a surprisingly busy airport (Luanda Airport, Angola)

3 Big Boys - Emirates, British Airways and AirFrance A380’s with Singapore and TAAG 777s (Johannesburg Int’ll Airport, South Africa)


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Some pictures I’ve taken.


here is one of mine
taken in Frankfurt.


Iljuschin loading some heavy cargo (Mobile pics)


WOW, I love these pictures! well done!:smiley: