Best way to use Remote Stands?


Essentially, while I was building an airport, I decided to try out the new remote stands, the minute I did, the entire airport fell apart, for multiple reasons (Mostly my own poor planning). Just wondering how anybody else goes about using remote stands and how you manage traffic flow on the service roads! Thanks, and hope you are all enjoying ACEO as much as I am!


Yes, they do take some planning and traffic congestion is one aspect you need to think about when deploying remotes. I tend to have a lower throughput of flights per day on remote stands for starters. For now a one-to-one bus stop too per stand ratio. Until the bottle neck of arriving pax and departing pax busses are resolved it does take carful planning agreed.


My problem was mostly the service cars, ironically, one of them bugged out and blocked an entire stretch of the airport, guess that’ll teach me to only have one service road leading to places. :stuck_out_tongue:


I tend to build service roads in loops now to avoid that kind of bottle neck. The stops though at the terminal, that’s a different issue entirely.


Yeah, I had built lots of airports before, but this one wasn’t very well planned out. I am hoping that soon we will have better support for multiple terminals, or even, assigning staff to specific staff rooms (Someone has probably mentioned that already).


Yeah, both of those are high on the list of being voted for on the future implement.


Yep, for now, I am just kind of avoiding remote stands, but then again, they only recently added them in, so they can only get better. However, just curious, what shape do you usually go for when planning out your airport, as in going for the branches approach, massive square?


I’ve built most types of designs. I’ve found ‘H’ and ‘F’ designs work well. I’ve a particular style right now where I have the entry road run all the way to the right of the screen, then half up the side and build my terminal from there.

I prefer horizontal runways so build with that in mind but I try and not have road connections at all. That way the entire terminal can have taxi ways running all the way around it.


Can you get away with not having road connections?


No as you need a path for service vehicles via the check point to enter the airport. Service roads CAN cross runways and taxiways though where normal roads cannot.

Having said that I’ve built a couple where I have only subways for incoming and egressing PAX so normal roads are not required. It’s not perfect by any means but for airport operations does provide alternative thoughts and ideas about how to plan them.

Look up my Wellington builds if you want to see more.


Thanks a lot!! I am going to leave now, (its late here) but thanks for all the advice! I would love to check out your airport builds! Good bye!


Night and NP. :grinning:


I learned a lot from my first build with remote stands. Next time I will organise it different for sure.


I am a little bit late and probably you solved your problem but here is a short tutorial about remote stands;


Others may correct me, but don’t some of the updates to the remote stands (and perhaps its subsequent vehicles) not take effect on older saves? I thought a read that in another thread, that sometimes you need a new build for certain updates to take effect. I remember the corrected GA mod errors after the mod update is a culprit there.


Yes there is that potential Olof has mentioned.


It wasn’t really a question of how to use remote stands, but the most effective way to use them, thanks for the video though!


Honestly, I don’t think the remote stands are completely bugged out, I just think that there is an imbalance in the way that passengers and time work (people boarding the bus late, then it leaving late, taking 30 in game minutes to reach the plane, etc. etc.), so I think it would be great if we had the option to send the bus away early. Same with the service cars, it would be nice to just send idle service cars away (if they get stuck for example).


@Julien249 I have asked for the “Dismiss Bus” feature several times in several threads. Here’s to crossing fingers…


I just think that there is an imbalance in the way that passengers and time work (people boarding the bus late, then it leaving late, taking 30 in game minutes to reach the plane, etc. etc.),

There is an inbalance in many sub systems with in-game time so that’s why many people suggest developers to slow down in game time at least by half of current. But due to it is a huge thing (bigger than developing 3 BIG FEATURES) devs don’t want to work on that.