Best way to use Remote Stands?


Yeah, I understand that, and, to be honest, usually it doesn’t disturb me at all, but then, as many have said previously, instead of changing the in game time it would be nice to have faster ways of getting people through the terminal.


That makes at least two of us!


What I do is try to limit the number of stands that are at my airport to avoid traffic problems. I also try to space them far apart, so that the traffic goes in different directions. As well as that, I tend to place a vehicle depots next to the airside shuttle bus stops (seperated from each other to avoid traffic congestion), this is to avoid traffic congestion as well as have the airside shuttle busses arrive quickly at the stands. Don’t build an airport with remote stands only, or majorly dependent on remote stands, because the AI traffic is not good enough yet. The best way to use remote stands is as a “gap filler”, or to just extract that much more capacity out of your airport. I would also recommend avoiding medium remote stands, and instead only place small remote stands, as you avoid congesting your airport with one more type of vehicle, air stairs. In terms of airside shuttle bus stop, I usually place them at the terminal extremities, but seperated from each other to avoid congestion.


@EG0611 stupid question: I think now two real seconds are 1 minute in the game. Changing this to, let’s say 4 seconds, is it big change? I’m not a game developer but isn’t it just a parameter to change?


It’s been said a few times by @Fredrik that it’s not a simple change. He did a test a while ago, and it completely broke the baggage system. A lot of things are synchronised and even a small change can through that sync out completely. I KNOW it sounds like it should be a simple thing to just change the timing loop, but it’s not quite that easy.