Better slots in Flight Planner (auto scheduler)

Using the auto scheduler function of the Flight Planner, what happens is that several flights will have the same arrival or departure time, and delays will rise as results of runway and taxiways congestion.

I would love to see this fixed, allowing only a certain number or flight to have the same slot (arrival or departure time), the auto scheduler needs to be more clever in assigning the times. If most of the flights you see on the left will have a 5 minutes difference (as others have on the center or right), the overall result will be more realistic.

Any chance to have this implemented in the near future?


I think a good way to counter this is that you will put certain flight slots into the flight planner and then the auto scheduler will assign flights to those slots.

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AFAIK That should already work that way, if you put in a ‘pattern’ the planner follows with a similar schedule.

Yes but you have to do it manually. I would like to see it done by the auto scheduler function as well.


Is there any current information on this topic? How do others handle this issue? I really can’t be bothered to micro manage every flight on every gate operating a very large airport… :smiley:


i would like this as well i like the idea of making certain time slots this also could be more inline with reality as airlines will buy time slots

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