Big Airport!


6 runways, 36 GA parking stands, 12 medium and 12 small commercial stands. 6 baggage bays, central luggage scanning area. 270 persons staff.
60 + flights, 2400 PAX and half a million dollar profit per day, at 3 fps with little delays :slight_smile:

Two grass GA runways at top are not visible above. I had to unlock the top section via save-game edit to releave the regular runways.

Baggage scanning: (overkill? Sure!)

Check-in and security checks


Looks amazing :smiley: Good job


Wow love it.
I have an all-land-unlocked airport with taxiway/runway/foundation/40+stands ready. Just waiting for performance optimizations to continue LOL


The colour coding is really clever and I can imagine helpful to you as well! Really solid effort :slight_smile:

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Yeah, for me as well as the passengers :slight_smile:

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Color coding works wonders indeed, I use it to highlight queues for example.

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Beautiful! :heart: โ€ฆ hope youโ€™re ready to get featured in the next devlog! :wink:




Beautiful airport and look amazing.