Blank spots in understanding the mechanics of the game

I did haven’t put remote stands for a long time. I connected everything. As a result, departing passengers are not brought to the plane, and in the description of the remote stand, “only arrival” appeared. What is it?!
I read the tutorial, there is not a word about it.

Further, I corrected the tutorial in Russian, because errors were found in it, which one streamer pointed out when he played. (By the way, he was unable to complete the game by building large planes due to some insurmountable performance problems. He described it this way, but most likely he apparently did not understand something.). Here is one of them.

Forgot to fix? After all, baggage bays is placed only in the secure area.

Second. When building a large terminal with various buildings, some of them must be brought “by hand” into the terminal area, but this mechanic is not explained in the tutorial.

I remind you that if you do not write out some of the mechanics that prevent players from playing (and most streamers do not end the game with building large planes. According to Steam statistics, B747 and A380 land only about 1.2% of all players) after release, some of the players will assign the game the title of a game with a bunch of bugs, as it is now on Steam.
Only now they make a footnote that the game is in early access (as indicated in Steam) and hope to fix bugs by giving the game a positive review in advance.

When a remote stand is setted up, you can define an arrival only bus stop if you like to set up passenger separation. This is not mandatory. By default, arriving pax will go to the same bus stop as the departing pax.

(In many airports, arriving passengers will be dropped off at a bus stop close to the exit/passport control. Several stands can use the same arrival stop.)

In this case I think it’s not the reason why your departing passengers are not getting to the stand.
Can you share some screenshots of your remote stand and it’s connections to bus and service car stops?

Baggage claim can be in both, secure and non secure.
Non secure is like in many US domestic terminals where even people from outside can access it.

But the quote @Shaquille highlighted refers to baggage bays, not baggage claims

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Oh ok, yes then it is written wrong. Anyone sent a bug report for this?

That’s very strange. :confused:
I don’t see anything wrong so far. I guess zoneing on the door is correct too as you play the game long enough.

The upper bus stop is for arrival only?

By the way:

  • For large remote stands, assign two bus stops for departure, then both busses can be boarded at the same time.
  • Also keep distances not too far as it could end up with delays (distance is not calculated within the boarding time).
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