Blast Fences

I really like the new Blast Fence but can you please change the length of it to either 5 or 7? The most suitable location to me in the game for it is beyond the end of a runway to protect structures or traffic behind it from jet blast (like Frankfurt RWY 18) but with a length of 6 I can’t find any location that doesn’t look completely odd because it’s either one tile short for the large runway or overlaps by one for any smaller runway.


Or, what if they were dragable like fences or walls? That would make them much more flexible.


100% should be the case.

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@Alexander @Olof @Fredrik ?

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even with vehicle parking I’ve found this to be the case.

@Olof @Jettuh Has this not been implimentated?

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getting a longer or shorter version would be up to @Alexander or @Olof .
the graphic asset should allow for it :slight_smile:


Would be amazing if it was draggable :wink:


make it draggable!

Going to revive, Make it draggable


1000% there is no reason why it shouldn’t

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I am 100% attempting to revive this. Love this idea! :heart: :smiley:

Yes please :sob: my OCD is killing me with these :joy:

Yes, draggable, that would be great!

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