Boeing 737 Crashes in Iran

This is a currently updated site at the moment in time for information on a new Boeing 737 crash in Iran.

The 737 is operated by Ukraine International airlines crashed 2 minutes after takeoff. The 737 took for from Iranian airport Imam Khomeini International Airport. There were 167 passengers and 9 crew members. All of which accounted to 176 fatalities. All people have died at this moment.

It is still dark out and investigators are going to dig deeper into the crash through the night and early next morning.

This again is another absolute tragedy aboard yet another 737. This is going to be a very sorrow moment for not only the people who’s lives have been forever changed but also the reputation of an already unstable political war.

ok, update time. CNN has been a big media information provider and they have claimed that Ukraine is leading the investigation.

while many Canadians and Americans are anxious to find out what happened, people have speculations and a video of the plane being hit by a surface to air missile and we saw the impact of the plane.

I want to exspress my most sincier condolances to the families and lives lost in the crash. Again 176 people have unfortunatley lost there lives on the night of January 8 and I am deeply sorry for this.

There are speculations that two Russian missiles bought and operated by Iran targeted the Ukranian 737 jet which exploded in mid-air next to the airplane piercing the airplanes hull so that the plane could not fly anymore. people on that jet probably were still alive when they were driving down to the ground. The pilot’s last words were peaceful and that everything was okay,” according to Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko

I hope for the best for the lives that have dramatically changed in the wake of dawn.

Another update, Iran officially stated that they had shot down the airplane. They claim it was unintentional but investigators are still on the crash site assessing the black boxes.