Boeing B737-900 and B737-700


This topic is very important for modders, we have 737-600 and 737-800s only and -600s are not popular anymore only few airlines left it in service! :wink:
-700 is a lot more popular, and also 737-900 theese planes would be a great addition to game as 737-900 is just extending fuselage and adding other door at middle (some more stuff engines I think), but 737-700 is just shortened 737-800s Why not implement that together with first large aircraft or multiple floors.

Also 737-500 not a bad idea, but that’s that! Hopefully you guys read this and implement, as it’s getting boring and more boring seeing same planes in your airlines and making unrealistic fleets. Thank you :smile:
P.S maybe also a lil aircraft modding


- B737-900

- B737-700

maybe also 737-500


I. Need. This. Right. Now.

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Either I. :stuck_out_tongue: @Fredrik ?


What do you think about this, @Rubble?


Fredrik is the keeper of the 737’s just like the A320’s


Oh yea :smile:


Well +


I would be all for -700 and -900. I also might add that the 737 NG series could see a minor refresh, like new engines and winglets, to you know, bring it more up to date. But as Rubble said, Fredrik still holds the NG series, but if they choose to “refit” it, then I would say give it to Rubble. Well, if he has time to do it, he should be pretty busy these days. As for the Classic series (-300, -400, -500), I think that they are different enough from the NG series and should be given to Rubble from the start.

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What are you talking about?, no one said it’s large aircraft, it’s an idea of new aircraft…


Sorry your post said that it should be implemented with large aircraft but I thought it said as a large aircraft.

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Ah okay, no problem :smile:


Awww, 737-900 and -700 would be sooooooooooo nice


the 737-700 is a very good aircraft is the A319 could focus on domestic flights only