BRS - Bristol International (sort of)

My previous build collapsed under the weight of all the passengers, and the mega-queue of buses created to ferry them about…

So a start on a creation that bears no resemblance to my local airport, Bristol, UK.

A small GA area and small Commercial terminal.

I’m pushing on with researching Baggage handling and Multi-Terminal capability before pressing ahead with a medium Terminal.

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Nice, but G.A. does not give that much money, I usually start with at least 8-10 small commercial stands and like, 5 GA

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Save my eyes from the wing clippings, why does no one do 5 wide for commercial small aircraft?

I use 3 wide but provide 1 space on either side of the taxiway
5 wide for medium with 1 space on either side
9 wide for large with 2 space on either side

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I use Void’s principles all the time. If there is a parallel taxiway then I leave an extra space between them for additional safety. It’s not like the wings actually need tarmac under them, and it saves money…


I’ll probably convert some of the GA into small Commercial remote stands later.


BRS is also my local airport. I have tried and failed many times to recreate it, even though it’s not too complicated of a layout.

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BRS is my local airport too! Quite amazing how many people on this forum are from the Bristol area.


Well I’m Gloucestershire so I’m pretty much in the middle of BRS and BHX!


The small Commercial terminal (I call it Terminal A, the game Terminal 1) has now got its baggage handling system.

Later on, a start is being made on Terminal B, the medium Commercial terminal. Slow progress as I’m battling finance issues at the moment. I may have to take out a loan to get the terminal building, baggage handling, etc., and two stands in operation. I find that’s when the money starts stabilising.

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I’m also from Bristol lol so also my local airport


Terminal B coming along nicely.

Ground floor:

Upper floor:

And a few PAX whinges fixed in Terminal A

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OK, so I had save games get corrupted occasionally, but with increasing frequency, so I had to do a full hardware check on my gaming laptop.

It found some errors on reading and writing to the data HDD, so I swapped it out for a new SSD. Result - lightning fast disc access, but lots of data loss when I transferred the data from the HDD to the SSD. So my previous version of BRS has gone to the great airport hunting grounds in the sky.

So a remake is in progress, a tribute to the addictiveness of the game is one evening I started work and before I realised it, it was 5am the next morning…

Here’s the GA area…

…Terminal A for small Commercial (Gates A01 to A06)…

…and Terminal B (Level 0, Gates B10R and B11R)

and Level 1 (Gates B20 to B28)

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Another update, another version of the airport. With the previous design above, I found the Aircraft Cleaning wasn’t being done within the turnround timescale as most of the time, the cleaning trucks were hanging around in the waste disposal depot waiting for it to be emptied - the refuse lorries were taking too long getting from the edge of the map to the depot to empty it.

On this, the sliders on this depot seem to be a bit non-intuitive. The fuel depots, for example, you can modify at what level the call goes out for a resupply, on the trash depot the slider modifies the minimum value at which the depot is stopped from emptying - what? The slider should enable you to specify when the call goes out for a trash collection to come, ie. when up to 2500 bags stored, eg 2250 default (10% off maximum). One Bug Report coming up…

Also, Terminal B was encroaching too much into the right-hand area of the map, crowding the space that the International terminal [C] was to be built in. I did start one, just to get the hang of Passport control and International zones, but logically, I think the Passport control for departing passengers is in the wrong place. Why force the PAX to go through the security procedure then find there is a problem with their passport/visa and they can’t fly out?

So, rewind and a version of Terminal B was started which had a smaller main building and a couple of arms out each side, but I found I was wasting a lot of space on the ground floor, even though I was hiding baggage systems and parking lots underneath the jetway gates and waiting areas Then I went too far north and made it virtually impossible to build a decent de-icing zone with enough spare taxiway for the departing planes waiting on the deicing area not to block gates for those aircraft wanting to back out of their gates.

This is now Version 2.1v, and a summary follows. If I can get my mind round posting things on the workshop I’ll stick it up there (as I had a request to do so…).

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GA and Terminal A (Small Commercial).

Close-up of the Terminal A building. There are slight changes to the internal layout of the landward side, I’ve moved the Head Office to Terminal B to make use of an unused corner on Level 1 and a larger Check-in waiting area makes use of this space.

Overview of Terminal B


Close-up of Terminal B building (Level 0)

Close-up of Terminal B building (Level 1). Head Office is now down by Gate B20. I find putting the Gate numbers ‘on the ground’ as it were helps with finding where the reported events are, rather than using the magnifying glass button, which zooms in too close and turns on all sorts of zoning which hinder seeing what is going on.

The Remote Stand area (Gates B10R to B13R)

Deicing zone. Putting a second deicing pad in as the first one doesn’t cope well in peak times.

The new Services Area. This is between the Domestic Terminal [B] and the area for the International Terminal [C]. The tunnel leads back to the entrance near the 100LL depot by the GA area, the contractors are trudging back and forth in the snow building the new Perimeter Fence…

That’s all for now. Next step - International Terminal (take 2)!


Airport save file now up on Steam Workshop here


The moment I saw your save game I quickly downloaded it and really enjoyed a first person tour of a beautiful set-up. I didn’t want to touch a thing. Its gorgeous. I just pick a random passenger and follow them around (I know it sounds creepy) from arrival to departure or a staff member. Beautiful airport.