Build Planning "GreyPrints" QOL

Feature request:

Build Planning (“GreyPrints”) QOL

I’m confident that other people have suggested a similar idea however I would like to propose a certain way that a Build Planner I think could work for this specific game.


Have the option to build BluePrints that won’t be touched by Contractors “GreyPrints”.

(Example: Grey outline with black edges for visibily)

How it could be implemented:

Create a toggle attached to any build menu to create greyed out blueprints which can’t be touched by contractors. Which then can be converted to a blueprint at a later time, with a button function and hotkey similar to the bulldoze ability, click and drag. (And vice versa via Crtl key) Also GreyPrints shouldn’t have any zone requirements so you can place them wherever you please, however you should be prompted to zone properly upon converting them to BluePrints.

Why it should be implemented:

It would allow players to build a layout easily without having to worry about zoning requirements and contractors mucking about while the game is unpaused.

Thanks for your consideration :slight_smile:

Nice idea!

But as you stated yourself, this idea has been made already (several times) and splitting up votes between several very similar ideas, harms more as it helps, as devs will implement feature with most votes.

So I suggest, to combine the original feature vote idea Airport Planning Tool with your addition of “build blueprint by switch”, so we have one better feature, which collects all the votes…

In the end devs will decide if they can fully implement, or only partially.

PS: Welcome to ACEO :grinning: